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  1. Interesting changes. I'm not sure this would be the best choice, but something should be done to improve navigation. Even after hundreds of hours I still occasionally make mistakes if I don't do a verification input move first. I play on the X1X and after dozens of mis-selected inputs with they current system have I given myself Intestinal Parasites twice so far due to the interface on console.
  2. My current run is just over day 500. I think I have found 2 Quality Tools for every 1 Simple Tool. "In theory" simple Tools should be more prevalent, but there you go.
  3. @Martin H.I believe there was a small "bug" but I don't know its current status: any natural food found and eaten resets the counter. If you find a piece of rabbit or whatever in a house DON'T eat it. There is also a rolling counter... so start now, and be careful. Just use all natural food and natural medicine if you want to be 100% sure of unlocking it. I did it on the X1 recently without any issues using these tips.
  4. Interesting. I don't know if you've ever used Cross-country skis, They don't use downhill boots that are present in the game, but it would be easy enough to add the appropriate boots. For gameplay balance this would have to be offset with more of a detriment than cold. 1. - Reduced ability to fight back wildlife while in Skis due to limited mobility (currently Struggles are wildly random so this would be a design change) 2. - Takes a moment to remove them and put them on. (prevent player from gaming the system to avoid limited mobility) but I know in real life its zippy 3. + Drains fatigue bar faster than walking, but slower than running. Player speed could be equal running. 4. + Player can "coast" downhill at no fatigue loss, uphill drains it more than flat ground 5. - Player has an extreme increased chance of injury if attempting to uses the Skis over/down/near rocks. 6. - When not in use and carried they weigh the player down by a few kg (2-5kg)
  5. I suggest you open up your lid at home and have a look inside. Now imagine that water has been sitting stagnant in the dark for months without a fresh supply of flushes. Enjoy.
  6. Nice idea. I like game options. 1. You can get water for 'free' out of Toilets. I can not understand why that stuff is "potable" and does not need to be boiled.... But to each his own 2. They added a warming mechanic for drinks placed near a fire a while back. I also think clean water left outside below freezing (not indoors) should re-freeze and need to be melted or warmed. That's the ENTIRE point of the melting snow process because you lower your body temp too much by consuming frozen water.
  7. Ha. Not related but this just reminded me about Fallout 3. After obliterating a Mutant you could load the dead body with absolutely everything not nailed down... pick up the dismembered hand and stroll back to your base completely unencumbered. Drop the hand on the ground and retrieve all the items from the body miles and miles away.
  8. Strategizer


    This is a great idea and ties in to the self guided navigation ideas in TLD big time. As you would need light to see the compass face and it would not be like a mini map at all. This compass idea and the 1st person view of it was implemented nicely in Sea of Thieves to preform player and ship navigation. However, I do agree with DerpyLemon115 though that the Geo event would render it useless.
  9. That was a bit before 1.45... 1.41 perhaps but the last few updates were cluster one on top of the other and its irrelevant. Anyhow my Test of this behavior is if "drop" is now somehow equal to "decoy" and what occurs if we "place" the meat on the ground so they look like the old style "drop". Will the wildlife interact with "placed" items?
  10. Interloper has almost 100% front loaded difficulty hump. Once you get past that you should be in "normal" play with reduced success searching containers As a poster above mentioned you can keep going after the initial hump until you make a mistake and get yourself killed... I REALLY wish the Interloper wasn't so crazy front loaded. I would much prefer an additional -1C global reduction in temperature every 10 days forever (as long as the run). Instead of the current weather model to drop the temp quickly at first then lock it in place. With this model you have to really be on your game as it would get very dangerous the more days in.
  11. Great update in general. Xbox One X. Two more minor issues/bugs. On top of the two I mentioned above (1. Stamina bar, 2. Charcoal not updating the resources on the map) 3. The Bears located at Timber Wolf Mountain have pathing issues and walk in place all day. Noticed this with the Bear to the "West" of Deer Clearing, and the Bear a bit "North" of the Landing Gear as you enter the Region. Cardinal directions based on the sun for TWM. 4. The mountaineering rope tie point near the Transition of Timberwolf Mountain to Pleasant Valley has an weird elevation change as you walkaround the rope tie rock the ground raises and lowers based on where you stand. This can cause anything placed on the ground to be covered up by snow, and invisible to the player.
  12. Yeah. I would love if the Global temperature dropped by 2C EVERY 30 days.... With not stop limit at all. (as long as you could last).
  13. Seems they sorted the cook menu to list UnCooked food first excellent QoL change. OLD BUG (still present). Using charcoal does not update the map. Resources that are not available to harvest/collect for hundreds+ days still show up no matter how many pieces of charcoal the player uses.
  14. X1X Minor bug. The stamina circle has the red encumbrance portion at the end not the beginning, and looks a bit odd when draining. PS The Hacksaw thing is a welcome fix, thanks.
  15. We don't know how much development time a simple change like this would be.... But it might be super simple. Assuming the requirements stay at 15/5, I would agree the following as fair substitutes to the 5 Cloth: 5 Rabbit 2 Deer 1 Bear 1 Moose Not that the player would lug around a Bear skin but more options are usually a good thing.