Massachusetts is the Long Dark


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Hello everybody,

Been playing this game since October or so on Steam, really really enjoying this experience so far.

I heard about the game when watching Kerbal Space program guru Scott Manley's video on TLD, he got in on the pre-alpha. I got the game as soon as it was available and have really enjoyed not only this great alpha-state game, but also the exemplary conduct of Hinterland as developers. I couldn't be happier about the purchase, and I am personally responsible for maybe 5 of my friends getting the game too.

What I didn't expect, and what you guys might not know, is Massachusetts has received incredible amounts of snowfall in the past few weeks, over 7 feet (2m+). It has been so freezing cold that none of the snow has melted, leaving us with quite the situation. Boston has ground to almost a standstill, with businesses closed, mass transit straight up not working, and entire cars being buried by the white stuff. Currently it is 5°F, with 20mph winds for a winchill of -13°F. My real life is pretty much the Long Dark right now, sans electromagnetic storms and frozen corpses. We've got another storm coming in a few days, with another 2 feet of snow predicted.






Anyway, hello!

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I lived in the North End of Boston during the Blizzard of '78 and still vividly recall an evening walk to visit my mom at Harbor Towers. The eeriness of traffic lights cycling in dark, completely deserted streets obliterated by huge drifts along the waterfront, the absolute dead quiet, and being the only person out there was so beautiful that I often stopped just to soak up the silence and peacefulness. The aftermath was a horrible mess of course, but for 48 hours the city was a surreal wilderness.

Now, your situation is nearly disastrous, being hit by so many storms in succession. My elderly step-dad still lives there (I'm 1,400 miles away) and thankfully he has a professional caretaker to make sure he has everything he needs. Because of an ice storm, we were once without power for over a week out here, and I know a similar situation would be much too dangerous for him and so many others who just aren't physically up to managing kerosene heaters and other tasks. Here's to hoping for a break for the folks in your area.

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Ugh, we're getting another 6 inches tomorrow. I have jury duty the day after, lol.

There is literally no difference between walking around in the game and walking around outside right now. Heck, some of the ingame temperatures seem downright toasty at this point!

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Actually, although we don't have nearly that much snow, its been much colder where I live, in southwest Ontario. Sunday morning it was -26 C, which is -15 F, and that didn't include any wind chill. I had to rig a special duct from my furnace to blow hot air onto where the pipes come in from the well to get my water pipes unfrozen.

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