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    With only 40% of the story mode. Thats what gets me the most out of this whole fiasco.
  2. Radial menus like that are the new hotness for consoles.
  3. Customer is always right? Why not give people what they want? If that doesn't suit your playstyle no one would be forcing you to play a co-op game?
  4. Seeing something like this would be cool: https://rawdogeats.files.wordpress.com/ ... eating.jpg [glow=red]Graphic content[/glow]
  5. To bring this thread to it's logical conclusion, I present the fact that it took until July 14th for all the snow we piled up Boston to melt! http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/ ... ally-melts
  6. I bet if he listened closely, he'd hear the deer saying "Help I'm a Rock!" [spoil][bBvideo 560,340:28aymnby] [/bBvideo][/spoil]
  7. Hi Bethany, Please do not pander to uniformed new players that can't figure out the game. Make the game the right way, and they'll either learn and adapt or be too stupid to figure it out. Also, consider a tutorial where bad things happen to you and you're shown how to react if you're not going to make a .pdf manual that explains this stuff. As you say, the new aftereffects of an attack are great, I agree. Unfortunately that is nullified by the simplification of the actual melee combat event. Was this another reaction to what you folks saw at E3, similar to people thinking warmer/colder was a navigation aide?
  8. I would like to see something where you click and hold the LMB (to make a fist) and you swing at the wolf by literally moving your mouse from the outside inward. It sort of simulates you performing the striking. We need something that makes the player kick and scream and claw at his controls the same way you would if a wolf was on top of you.
  9. Why pee outside when many of the houses have toilets in them? Furthermore why waste that heat energy? Pee in a can or a plastic bottle and keep it next to your body for warmth.
  10. Sorry Raph. I don't use social media. I have no interest in telling people I know about my daily activities such as going to the store, the way my foot feels or what videogames I play. I guess I'm old. /getoffmylawn I am however directly responsible for buying the game for myself, gifting it to my cousin, and getting 5 other friends to buy it, so there's that.
  11. Sometimes you have to carry it all, regardless of the slowdown. Maybe you're moving camp and you dont want to make 5 trips. In reality, you wouldn't put all of it on your back. Whats tough about encumbered movement is that in snow (not to mention ice) it is incredibly easy to rig a superbasic sled that would allow you to drag lots of weight behind you with ease. Should you be able to carry 200 lbs on your back while you trudge through the snow? No. Would you be able to manage that on a sled? Absolutely.
  12. While the incredibly censored thought of a game knowing that you are closer to a goal you only have in your head is ludicrous, I'm sure 5 minutes of playing without the devs standing over them listening to reactions would allow the player to figure this out on their own. One commented on youtube even fessed up to being one of the people that couldn't figure it out: Would this kind of person look at the wind + shield icon and expect they are nearing a vehicle with an intact windshield that will be some use for survival? I think it was comedian Ron White who said "you can't fix censored". For me, I recall the moment I figured this out. It was within the first few moments of the game. I remember crouching behind a rock hiding from a wolf... warmer. Stick my head out to look around the corner for the wolf.... colder. Inch my way back behind the rock... warmer. Viola, I figured it out. The problem I see with icons is they better be right on the money, or they too are open to interpretation. For instance, the star in the Inventory. In this game star = condition. Really? I mean, one can figure that out too, but in today's world a star is often "favorite". It cam mean a million things because the icon is just a star, its context is what tells you its meaning. What about the "food" icon... it looks like a battery perhaps, it really barely resembles a can of food (open the top of the can, or use a generic looking meat-steak that actually looks like food). One clicks it, and notices it results in food being listed. So, it will be interesting to see where the minimalist UI concept goes. All words removed for icons? Edit: After a warning from Hinterland staff, I have omitted words that are found to be not in keeping with the community here.