Bear ate my Bedroll


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About day 455 of my interloper game I was at the cave near Stairstep Lakes in Hushed river. I had two fires going in the cave making water and cooking a wolf I had killed right at the entrance. I go out for the third time to get the pelt and guts. There is a bear just off to the left. I run back into the cave and park my self behind my two fires. Bear comes into the cave so I shoot him with an arrow he charges around my fires and mauls me then heads out of the cave. When I take stock he has taken my Bedroll from about 90% to ZERO. That put a big hole in my plans I must say. Was about 25% left on the sleep meter at the time. When I looked out side the Bear was dead just a few feet outside the cave. I skinned him and headed for the trailer in Mountain Town luckily I had another bear hide so now only have about 6 days left till I can make a bedroll.

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Yes... bears are known to have an appetite for rare clothing items and bedrolls. I used to be an obsessive hoarder of spare wool toques and bedrolls that I'd keep stored and repaired in a locker - because on day 455 you hardly get a chance to find another one that hasn't turned into dust. And bearskin bedrolls are so heavy and repair-hungry that I've never got to like them...

Good that you made it! Now on to 500 :)

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There is a bug with bedrolls being damaged in HRV.  Several times when I have been out in the open I have been attacked by a wolf or bear when I wasn't carrying a bedroll, but when I returned to the cave then the bedroll that I had left in the cave would be damaged, often ruined completely.


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