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  1. ARGHHH!!!! Was out mapping PV came around a corner and there was bear. Charged me immediately managed to put an arrow in his head then got mauled. Stand up grab my bow off the ground and he is back on me again. Survive the second attack get up and sprint away till I run out of stamina. Get a fire going and bandages put on and the bear comes back and hits me for a third time. The other annoying part is my Journal didn't save 😞 and I was getting close to being done with Cartoghrapher only a little bit of PV and then BI todo ARGH!!!!
  2. Didn't need the food . 10 to 15 kilos stashed here carrying 40+ cat tails done with Broken Railroad just stopped here to finish up mapping for Faithful Cartographer. Just eating something novel. Been on a diet of meat , meat and more meat for a long time. Pretty sure the only processed food I have left is a box or 2 of crackers back at my home in CH. Not sure it has been a while I have been nomading around and mapping
  3. Breakfast on day 500 of my interloper game been saving the Pork and Beans and Chocolate bar for about week since I found them. Silly wolf tried to ruin my breakfast
  4. About day 455 of my interloper game I was at the cave near Stairstep Lakes in Hushed river. I had two fires going in the cave making water and cooking a wolf I had killed right at the entrance. I go out for the third time to get the pelt and guts. There is a bear just off to the left. I run back into the cave and park my self behind my two fires. Bear comes into the cave so I shoot him with an arrow he charges around my fires and mauls me then heads out of the cave. When I take stock he has taken my Bedroll from about 90% to ZERO. That put a big hole in my plans I must say. Was about 25% left