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I recently killed my second bear in Mountain Town and originally I was just going to take the hide so I can make a bearskin bedroll as my first bearskin is in Mystery Lake. I then realized I could get cooking skill from the bear meat. So I go back to where the bear was, quartered it and left most of my stuff there including some clothing items so I can make fewer trips. Ended up making only 2 trips and got back to grey mothers just at the brink of nightfall.

I get all the meat cooked and surprisingly it didn't take long at all well, I ate one of the pieces which was at 74 percent condition and I got Food Poisoning.. How? It was cooked fully and 74 percent is still a fairly good condition number(least in my own experience it is)

Was it just dumb luck that it made me sick?

Thank you!

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To echo MrWolf:

Yes, each food item does have a condition ranges where chances of food poisoning are less likely and more likely, but it's all a probability so sometimes you can just get a bad "dice roll" (for lack of a better description).

If you are curious about those possible ranges, you could checkout the fandom wiki.  Here you can find more detailed information about the risk chances of the various food items relative to their condition (though I can't vouch for the accuracy of the data posted there).


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