Need lightsource in Pleasant Valley Farmhouse - almost midday?

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What it says on the tin.......

This is day 155 of my current run and I've been based in and around the Pleasant Valley Farmhouse for 5 days or so - everything normal. This morning, after sleeping the night in the car, I entered the farmhouse at the point it looked like it would be light enough and it was close to pitch black. Outside light conditions fine - full daylight and full sunshine - and no issues in the porch area. But inside there was only a little light from the windows - I can't see cupboards, shelves and containers. Advancing time does nothing. Leaving the farmhouse and re-entering does nothing. Quitting to the main menu and reloading does nothing. And quitting the game entirely and starting again does nothing.

Though eventually, after pressing the button to get the sun/daylight icon up so it appeared in the screenshot, daylight suddenly switched to normal?

Any ideas? Not a biggy, perhaps - unless it keeps recurring - in which case it is an issue because I don't want to either lose 3-4 hours each morning or have to use up valuable lantern oil....


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Looks very theatrical, as if a character would step out of the shadows and start a long and winded monologue about the suffering and despair of the many pinky toes that met their demise in the shadow realm that calls itself "the farmhouse". 

This has the makeup of typical a bug BTW.


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Wierdly, after a year of no bugs of any kind, I now have another bit of wierdness the morning.

Just after the fallen tree bridge on the climb up to the crash site in PV, I came across this strange plant. Never seen it before but - and here's the thing - it is only a 2 d image and as I circle around it, it also rotates in perspective to me......

ETA - further up the climb there are loads of these bushes - all 2D.



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