Personal wish list - jump, drag, sleigh, shoes, big snow, and etc...


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I served in army back in early 2000s and had good enough outdoor experience. 

Prior to these suggestions: There should be more detailed and realistic description of ground. Soft/hard/icy snow, normal/icy rock, soft/hard/icy soil and etc. And each tile should have its own unique properties related to stamina consumption, injury chance for each specific movement, friction, and etc. Especially, there should be more "soft snow ground" with proper penalties. On the soft snow ground, it is very hard to even normally walk, consuming huge stamina.  


1) Jump 

I searched in this forum, and it seems that some folks around here don't like jump just because it is not like "TLD-ish" action or it could break the game. However that is wrong. This will really depends on how devs introduce jump to this game. In other words, jump can be balanced with so many penalties. For example, it would be possible to introduce higher injury chance when player jumped and landed on the ground, if player is carrying too heavy backpack, or player attempts jump on the slippery ground. This will balance out the jump. Of course, this should be introduced with more detailed description of terrain and ground condition. Like soft/hard/icy snow, normal/icy rock, and etc. Let the jump distance and injury chance changes with ground condition. 


2) Carry / Drag items and deer / wolf

Before you say something against this idea, it is absolutely possible for human to drag the whole body of dead deer or wolf, even with the backpack. Average human would have no problem to drag typical wildlife wolf and deer. (Not sure about bear and moose.) If you google it, the typical weight of wildlife deer and wolf is not that heavy, and within the range for humans to drag the whole body. 

Not only the deer or wolves, all objects in this game should be possible to be dragged with string.

You can tie a cable around your shoulder or breast or waist, and carry anything you want. 

Stamina consumption should be increased proportional to the weight of the object during drag. Plus, dragging difficulty (or stamina consumption) should be dramatically increase with soft snow, and being easier with hard or icy snow/ground but high chance of injury. 


3) Sleigh

Basically, sleigh would be the same with drag option, but in style. No dogs or other animals or engines in TLD world, so should be carried by human. Sleigh would allow players to drag heavier/larger items.  

Inuit people had their own traditional design for their own sleigh.

It is absolutely possible to make a sleigh without any help from modern technology. Introduce sleigh as craft-only item, and let skill level governs the durability of the crafted sleigh, make the sleigh crafting book very difficult to find and rare. Make it very big in size, so let it cannot pass through the door or gate. Sleigh should be OK to all grounds, but if player carries too heavy on soft snow ground, it would not be possible to carry sleigh. 


4) Big snow

It is really easy to see 6ft or even 7ft + snow in northern US states. I don't even need to mention about situation in Canada. Let's introduce harsh heavy snow, 3~7 ft (approximately 100~210cm) high. Even with the snow of 3ft (1m), it is incredibly hard to walk around. Under the condition of snow more than 5ft, player should be prepared for shoveling or tunneling or snow shoes or any means of necessary to overcome such terrain to survive. Plus, let the 'big snow' have a higher chance to make "soft snow" ground. This will add additional challenge to players. Plus, such heavy snow should impact negatively on buildings due to heavy weight of snow itself.

Snow shovel or other items should be available or craftable. Any survivor mode players should prepare their own way to survive. They could stack up the food and hide until snow melts and blown away, or they should prepare proper item to adapt to nature. 


5) Snow shoe / Climbing spikes

I know "mukluk" is already in TLD, but it is not the "snow shoes".

These snow shoes should be very important item to overcome snowy ground, especially "soft snow" ground. 

Also, we usually use climbing spikes / irons not only for icy cliff climbing, but also for just walking around the icy slippery ground. Anyone visited famous national parks in US and Canada around the winter would know this. I think metal parts or wooden parts can be crafted to become decent / crude shoe attachment to overcome icy terrain. 


6) More craft option = normal cabinet, trophy cabinet, rack for rifle, rack for dress/cloth, and etc. Of course, I'm curious would it be possible to make a "trophy" of hunt animals in TLD. 



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I like all of those ideas. The changes would be very programming heavy, so I imagine some of that would have to wait for the next game release (we are still waiting on episode 4 and 5 for this one). 

I really like the idea of dragging carcasses or heavier items. And the rope idea is great, it would give a reason to carry that heavy mountaineer rope with you. 

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I would love to be able to jump. Getting stuck on every little thing that's more than 2cm high is probably the most annoying thing in TLD. Jumping could completely solve that.

Thing is I don't think the devs will ever add jumping for the simple fact that it makes it harder for them to restrict where you go. Of course then they're left with the opposite problem of people getting stuck in places. Heck, I would be pretty happy if we could just lift our legs like a normal human being.

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