Solar Storms

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I am a long time suscriber of Kurzgesagt channel, definatly worth looking at.

 "Genetic Engineering",  " Nuclear Power" are really helpful understanding the challenges technology can put up.

Their video on the "Immune system" is so great to give you basic understanding of this mecanism.

And many more.

I cannot recommend Kurzgesagt strong enough 😉




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Anyone play Universe Sandbox? I had an idea to try an get a Long Dark version of Earth by adjusting the properties of the Sun and Earth. I started my solar system simulation in 2012 and began by reducing the Sun's mass by 1% and the Earth's atmosphere by 20% over a year (as well as lowering the magnetic field strength by 90%). In just five years my simulated Earth was 5 degrees C colder. It didn't seem like much but from the look of it about 90% of all the land was covered in snow.

Universe Sandbox - 20200724-212751 4 1920x1080.png

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Nice! I've never played Universe Sandbox. Is it possible to simulate a pole reversal? It's possible that earth's magnetic field weakens prior to a pole reversal which would cause some of the same phenomenon in The Long Dark story. It would also align with Methuselah's statement of this all happening before.

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I can change the polarity of the field by using a negative sign in Universal Sandbox but the process of reversing the magnetic poles is a big unknown to science let alone game simulation. It's known that for objects in space, things tend to flip somewhat regularly when spinning about an intermediate axis (see Dzhanibekov Effect). It's not known how or if this flipping about a secondary axis would occur when it comes to planets and their complex fluid like magneto dynamics. 

It is true though that the Earth's magnetic field strength changes and even flips over at intervals in the order of millions of years according to the observed geological record. But no one knows how long the process itself takes or why exactly the field strength is currently weakening while the north pole is accelerating towards Russia. Some theories even suggest that the Sun can produce CMEs (solar particle tsunami) that can cause earthquakes, mega lightning and massive electrical grid destruction.

Methuselah definitely knows something (just Google the meaning of his name) but I think he might also be a religious militant. He's probably right about Will and what he did to Hobbs.

I really like how The Long Dark had adapted solar storms and aurora phenomena into the story.

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