FanArt? does this qualify?

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4 minutes ago, Lumi said:

How are these things even made? Are you brutally exploiting something in the placement system lol?

ha ha, how did you like my little pun?  Yes, indeed!  exploiting a little glitch in the placement system for sure.  It's been called the "curing in place glitch" and you can manipulate hides to dry into place where you set them.  the way it works is that you leave a hide to dry on the floor until it gets to 99% cured and then you pick up the hide and hold it up against the wall, or in this case the ceiling fan.  As you hold it up it appears red because you cant place it there, so if you just stand there and wait,  and you just stand there and wait... and wait... once the curing timer hits 100% the hide turns its normal color and is frozen in place.    

Here's one I am working on right now but not getting the results I want, but it looks kinda cool imho


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