Bleak Inlet bear just randomly up and died?


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So this is weird.  I arrived at the Bleak Inlet, swapped out some fresh meat for the mouldy stuff I'd left behind, then proceeded to clean out the cannery in preparation for a crafting/repair session.  The bear was milling about the cannery residences, so I gave him a wide berth and took the long bridge.  Everything went according to plan, and I decided to spend some time gathering rocks to build some outdoor storage caches before the timberwolf population respawned.  And I found the bear, laying dead on the ice.  At no point had I shot that bear, it just...fell over and died on its own.

Doesn't exactly seem normal, but this is the second time an animal has just dropped dead for seemingly no reason.  The first being a deer in Pleasant Valley, a few months ago.  Anyone else have similar experiences with suicidal wildlife?

Edit: Free bear pelt I guess.  Shame to waste all that meat but I simply don't need it :/

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As I mentioned somewhere else. I saw a wolf spawning in the air. He did not survive the fall. It was in Mystery Lake, on the bridge in front of the dam. We all know the place. When you go following rails and suddenly a wolf from under the bridge. But your bear was spawned. Any chance you went indoor and outdoor between the moment you first saw the bear and the moment you saw him dead? I think bears (and all other animals) are not really computed when one is indoor, rather re-computed at the moment when one is coming outdoor. An glitch in height value can cause fall or undeground spawn as well.

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