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I opened my eyes
All I saw was a blue sky. A piercing wind enveloped my body while I lay in the snow ... Where am I? Slowly getting up, I saw a railway line right in front of me, on both sides there was a continuous swamp covered with ice.
All I remember is a sudden, bright, blinding flash, green, at night. I was lying in bed with Yana, she came to me a week ago to celebrate the new year.
I get up slowly and head for the broken hut in the distance, meditating along the way.
We must gather our thoughts, one more time. I flooded the stove, my girlfriend and I had a snack, drank a glass of wine, and went to bed. At night I woke up from the bright light and fell asleep, then I wake up here. How is this possible ?!
In my pockets lie - a telephone without a connection; a warning from the nearest Dargo station meteorologists about an impending storm printed by fax; three candy candies.
Having reached the broken house, I see a warehouse of logs, matches, paper.
Trying to catch a cellular signal
46% battery charge
No network signal
I hear a characteristic howl and not one ... wolves ... well, you need to gather your thoughts. Around the wolves, there is no food, water, clothes, it is not known where I am, and what happened to my girlfriend, there is no cellular network signal.
The first thing to do is to keep warm. I’ll take the frozen paper in my hands and try to rekindle it in the oven, attempt number 1 is bad.
Attempt 2 is bad.
No. The paper does not fit, an interesting case under the table is nearby, yeah, for the glasses, I’ll take it, inside a napkin for cleaning glasses is excellent. I use for ignition. Attempt 1, successfully, I throw a freshly made tinder from chips, the flame burns, damn happy. My toes, ears, nose, turned blue, a burning fire saves me.
Throwing the wood into the stove, I lay down beside him, and fell asleep with the feeling that pain and hypothermia were gradually passing, which caused a slight smile on my face.



To be continued...

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Chapter 2
I woke up from the howling of wolves, the last coals were burned out in the furnace, and I gradually became colder and colder. Oh yeah! What I see! This is a rabbit! He creeps five meters from me. I take the cobblestone, throw it at him. There is! Hit and stunned! He fumbled in bags under the bed of a broken hut. Wow note, knife and hatchet! Exactly what is needed! The note states: “Alvi, after arriving at the Lonely Marsh station, fix the transmitter on the radio tower, then go to Spence’s farm, I understand that the blizzard will be strong, but we need to restore communication with the district. Respectfully, Senior Assistant to the Dargo Weather Station. ”
So. So I'm at the Lonely Marsh Station. Okay, I'm starting to cut the rabbit. I put the meat for roasting in the oven, throw the firewood.
On the way to this hut, I saw wrecked cars, probably it was the crew of the Dargo station, which arrived to repair the radio tower here. We should go check tomorrow.
Juicyly roasted rabbit meat satisfied my hunger, and I already feel much better. And now it's time to fall asleep, wrapped in a warm blanket.
The next day…
I open my eyes. I see a message on the smartphone, “Dear, this is Yana! Yesterday I was evacuated from Milton to Dargo Station! Where are you? Write me or call urgently! Today, a rescue team is sent in your search. Please answer! ”
There is no connection, but I will write a reply message “Yes! Hello! I am at the Lonely station ........ "
The smartphone has turned off.
Need to think.
The fact that Jan was taken from Milton is already good news. She is safe.
Ahead I see upturned cars, and then a radio tower can be seen.
Having reached the cars and searched them, I found a lot of food and drink. And also a big backpack, then I need it. Put everything in it. But not a single living soul ... this is strange. Where did the crew go ?!
I'm going to the radio tower
I go into the room.
A stack of cipher programs is next to the printer.
I read
“Lonely swamp, welcome!” Says Dargo as heard?
An unprecedented blizzard is approaching. Hold on. Provide yourself with the necessary resources until the evening. We will send you specialists to repair the radio tower. Expect 2 days. How do you understand? "
Hmm ... check the feedback. "Welcome, can anyone hear me?"
Damn, what should I do? Am I thrown here? Where is the help? People? At least someone? Why am I doing this? The bones begin to hurt, hunger overcomes, I seem to lose consciousness ....

To be continued….

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