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7 hours ago, Sherri said:

Looking forward to digging into this update.

Things I want to learn about rock caches:

  • How many rocks to build one?
  • Item condition loss rate - better or worse than leaving meat in the snow?
  • ?

It takes 50 stones.  Maybe it's just my imagination, but there seemed to be more stones lying around shore lines now, too.   It didn't take long for me to find 50 stones around Hibernia and between there and Riken in Desolation Point.

Nice storage capacity - 30 kg, same as the interior lockers.

I posted on meat decay in rock caches in the announcement thread as well.  So far, it looks like meat decays much slower, if at all, when stored in a cache.  I expect it's not intended to be that way, but who knows?

I don't think stone caches deteriorate because they're marked on the maps.  But that's just a guess, I haven't looked for that yet.

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