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Changing the environment would be an enormous undertaking.  And if the environment does not really change, then it would be a lot of effort for little payoff. It also would not fit into story mode.  Maybe after story mode is concluded.  This is notwithstanding that episodes 4 and 5, aside from the upcoming survival update which might introduce things  (such as navigation changes) that could show up in 4 and 5.  The new episodes would likely involve one or more bridges, landslides, or cave-ins being fixed/cleared to allow access to a new region assuming there wasn't a 'fast travel' (i.e. a boat) to/from a new region. 

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49 minutes ago, DerpyLemon115 said:

I think that seasons was something that was talked about at one point long ago in a road map that was shown years ago, but I don't think it's something that is going to be added anymore.


It certainly was.  I recall at one point we were talking boats and thawed harbors if memory serves.  I think you're right that the idea has probably been discarded by now.  I think we might possible see something like this in TLD2 or some related offshoot.

2 hours ago, Dederus said:

I think it would be good to have some kind of colder and warmer seasons over course of the year. Some ice and snow would melt changing environment, creating new routes and giving acces to new areas. 

Dont forget that in this story the world has been subject to a great cataclysm of sorts.  The world has been plunged into some perpetual ice age and it isn't probably going to get warmer anytime soon.  I think @UTC-10 is right on the money when he says "Changing the environment would be an enormous undertaking."   

However, I do see the appeal of a short thawing season...  Like they do at the extreme poles.  about 6 weeks a year of just above freezing, just enough for some berries and grass to grow to keep the local deer herd fed and healthy.  

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