New Inventory UI problems/enhancements in v.192


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New Inventory UI problems/enhancements.

  • Item text too small:
    • Orange item percentage hard to read over background backpack image. Could remove star icon to gain larger font space. (see screenshot )

    • Quantity circle too small to properly display large quantities. Could remove 'x' prefix to gain larger font space. (see screenshot )

  • Swap order of DROP and EAT/DRINK button back to as was in v183. see screenshot
    Don't know if there are any UI specs on this, but would think button order based on frequency of use.
    DRINK/EAT would be the primary button, rather than DROP. ?

  • Flares, antiseptic and maybe some other items not grouped like other items. Inconsistent. (see screenshot )

  • New Equipment inventory UI does not match Container UI. Inconsistent.

  • Food 'can' icon not easily recognised intuitive. Suggest knife and fork, water-drop, T-bone steak or other icon instead. (see screenshot )

To be honest, I did not really have a problem with the old Inventory UI, but I can see the advantages to the new Inventory UI. However the execution needs a bit more work as above.

Maybe the old Inventory UI could have simply been improved with a table like so with the items being alphabetically sorted by the Item column as indicated by the '^' symbol:

[table=border][tr=][td=border]Item ^[/td][td=border]Condition[/td][td=border]Weight[/td][td=border]Quantity[/td][/tr]

[tr=][td=border]Flare[/td][td=border]100%[/td][td=border]0.5 kg[/td][td=border]1[/td][/tr][/table]

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Keep in mind they're in the process of updating the entire UI--the Inventory was only one portion and the rest is likely to follow. The first aid UI was actually the first one to have an overall to the "fancy" style and now the "carried" inventory has been done. A few of your comments are very helpful and I like them--the text is a bit hard to read at time, perhaps a lighter color orange or a background of some type.

The stacking items may be a usage type factor--as flares are used one at a time in your hand and are used differently than accelerant. Other items have degradation factors applied to them which may cause them to not be stackable.

The container UI will likely follow soon.

I don't think changing the order of the Drop/Eat/Drink buttons will matter as you'll get use to it fairly quickly and if they change it now you'll end up getting frustrated then for a few times while getting use to the change then as well.

Additionally, I would have posted this under the Feedback forum and not the bug forum, as it's mostly feedback regarding the overall UI. :D Nice ideas though, I'm not bashing them by any means, just trying to point out that they are moving forward with the "First Aid" and "Player Inventory" style inventory screens now and fully expect more to come. The text is definitely a bit hard to read.

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Please allow keyboard shortcuts/selection with the new icon inventory.

E.g. putting on all of your clothes takes a lot of clicking and mouse movement in the new system.

Allow changing selections with keyboard arrow keys and pgup/pgdn for large inventories.

Maybe also specific key shortcuts for eat/drop/wear etc.

EDIT: Found that the WSAD keys work for selection, so problem solved.

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I would like to be have the first action in any menu to be the most used one, and i would like to be the first action in the ESC menu to be the least changing one:

When selecting food i find it natural for the left button to be "eat" and not "drop".

When i pressed ESC to bring up the menu (for instance, there is some rl interruption) and i continue, i find it naturally to click the first button which is "resume game" in every other game, but for some reason "quit without confirmation" in TLD. I have actively to remind me, to not press the first button when resuming the game, but rather exit it with ESC again for instance.

There are just minor things, but you might want to consider them at times. Ask the patent owner of the concepts of the "round corner" (apple vs samung) when it comes to how important such minor design decisions may be.

Edit: Also i want to murder developers who show me yes/no message dialogs, where the left button is "no" or "cancel" and the right one is "yes" or "accept". Even worse: i have seen some, they mix up their decision logic / sides inbetween different dialogs, so you actually have to read the crap instead of "use the UI".

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