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  1. Do you still don't understand that every single one who played TLD on Geforce Now paid the full price on Steam? That transaction does not involve NVidia and they do not get any fees or cuts from it. Please explain how that puts Hinterland's people "out in the streets"? Joke's on you here. I've been a software developer for more than 20 years and a partner in our company for more than 5 years. So save that little speech about the poor software people for someone who believes it. I spend quite a lot of my spare time making open source software, helping people to use it and fix bugs, because I like doing my job and don't think anything and everything needs to be about making money. And before you start going into another hypothetical scenario: Yes that software is used by companies to make real money. You seem to think you're the only one understanding what's going and everyone else can't possibly comprehend and you're wrong. Maybe you had bad luck and were screwed by a customer (who wasn't), but that doesn't mean everyone's out to get you. The moment you start treating your customers like your enemies they will become exactly that.
  2. There are instances of this all around the world and people are pretty okay with that. Parking lots only make sense because people have cars that need to be parked somewhere. They advertise their service and demand money for using them. Would it seem fair for a car manufacturer to try to prevent their customers from parking there because the parking lot is making money without sharing it with the manufacturer or because it limits the manufaturer's ability to provide a paid parking service themselves? Gyms advertise with people wearing sports wear, Campsites advertise with your ability to have a BBQ, Hotels advertise their indoor pools with people wearing swim wear, Some restaurants advertise their views of famous sights and buildings. None of them get to pay a share for that or get told to stop doing it or that certain brands are banned. Can you imagine the reaction if people were told they couldn't wear a certain brand of suits because the opera requires people to wear one, but didn't ask permission or gives a "fair cut" to the people selling them? Game licenses are only treated differently because some people want them treated differently. It's not a natural quality of software licenses. Whenever someone repeats the "oh, but you didn't buy the *game*, you just bought a *license*" he's adding to and strengthening this artifical difference. And the reason is always the same: I want that money and no one else must be allowed to have it.
  3. Neither. Looks like it was about "commercialise ports for new platforms" and "negotiate exclusivity deals". That's money.
  4. Because people keep stating that Geforce Now allows people to play games without paying for them. No, they don't. You have to buy the game on Steam for the regular price. Hinterland is getting paid the requested licence cost they asked. So nothing is "preinstalled". If the moderators are actually deleting posts with false statements in them, maybe they could take care of those that claim Nvidia is selling game license for Geforce Now.
  5. It feels like you are contradicting yourself there. I don't think it's that easy. If Nvidia were so clearly in the wrong, publishers would simply sue them. Even if you think Hinterland could not afford to do so, money shouldn't be so tight for others. Edit: And I'm still not sure what Hinterland needs to defend here. NVidia stealing their IP? Can't image that. Selling less licenses? Well no one else is selling them, so how would that happen? Losing the chance to make a port to a specific mobile platform? We all know the announcements for a completed story mode from years ago. I think the people would be more interested in that than buying a port before the game is finally complete.
  6. This is wrong: You seem to be conflating some terms here. Might be best to brush up your knowledge, there's already enough disinformation as it is.
  7. Thanks for the offer. I'm really on the fence about this. The whole setting and art is really what I wanted and I'm not disappointed with the content so far (with some small exceptions). I just grew tired of waiting and reading about how well things are going while also seeing the release date got pushed back again frustated me. That's also why I'm not complaining about "value for money" but "delays". This really seems to be a point that is hard to get across, because most people (in this thread too) almost immediately jump to "but it's a good value for your money". The talk about "quality over schedule" is IMO not wrong, but at some point the schedule does matter. Just ask yourself how many people will remain pleased when the release is pushed back one more year, two more years, three ...? At some point this does matter. Apparently this point has been reached for me and the way you communicate about this irritates me: Like it's a natural thing out of your control and thus not even worth mentioning. But you are in control - actually the only one in control - so those changes in schedule do not "happen", they are a "decision". In this case I agree with Eachna: If the deadlines you announce really don't matter that much to you, it might be better to refrain from making them public until you can be sure to meet them. I'm not sure why you say that. When I bought TLD on Steam in 2014 it said "2 - 3 months in early access". You just said yourself that TLD has been in early access for 15+ months, so early access has already taken 12+ months longer than was claimed when I got it. Had that page suggested a release at the end 0f 2015 I would not have made the purchase in 2014. That's because I'm not comfortable with waiting so long for something I already paid in full and the state of a game is hardly representative of the final result with so much development time still going into it.
  8. I bought TLD in 2014 when the "industry veterans" of Hinterland with "decades of experience in making AAA titles" talked about 2-3 months of early access, putting the release date to end of 2014. Now we have March 2016 and there is still no release. The next planned release was announced for the end of 2015. At the beginning of December 2015 Hinterland staff told everyone they're still on track for "end of 2015". Around 2 weeks before the end of the year a new trailer appears announcing "Spring 2016". No explanation, no nothing. Just a new date. As a customer I feel misled. Twice already. TLD is more than a year behind its original schedule. The monthly content updates have stopped. The last update was almost 2 months ago. From my point of view that makes it just another early access title with a development team failing to meet their own deadlines. At the beginning of December they either didn't know or didn't admit that they would need at least 3 more months time. I really don't care which one it was, but that's not what I expect from a team of experts. And I'm really tired to hear the tale of "we're too good to deliver on time" and "it's too early to deliver quality". All this is explained with "preferring quality". But what about the quality of your messages and communication? Is failing the first deadline, setting a new one, failing that as well, setting a third deadline and only ever talking about this when asked not a quality issue? I find it very hard to believe that Spring 2016 will actually hold. I have no reason to believe it will, other than it might. The only explanation we have is they "want to make it better". But if they need till Spring 2016 to make it the quality they want, what were they planning to release at the end of 2014? Spring 2016 is roughly 3 - 6 months after "end of 2015", again the same question: what kind of quality did they plan to release in 2015 and why does it take 25% to 50% longer to reach what they want now? I'm really expecting them to change their minds in those months and needing more time again. And that's the whole problem with "we want a better product" - you're never done.
  9. 6. During these discussions it turns out your actual, underlying criticism revolves around something other than your original point/solution suggested. Except that you started to sidetrack this thread with wolves by attacking the OP with something that has nothing to do with the topic at hand: Attacking someone with a different topic, waiting for them to defend against this attack and then complaining that they changed the subject is rather cheap. And obvious. So you do agree that this should be improved?! So far your only contributions to this thread have been to demonstrate us how stupid you think the OP was/is.
  10. The really sad part is that the current mechanic removes struggle from the game. It's supposed to be a survival game and the most intense moments should be the one on the brink of death, fighting to stay alive. The situation described here is an excellent possibility to put the player into such a fight for survival, but instead of waking up freezing - maybe even hypothermic - and delivering a crisis to be mastered, the player is simply killed. Instead of allowing the player to strengthen the bond with the player character, he/she is abruptly disconnected.
  11. Whoa, sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning... no idea why you believe my challenge to be a boasting contest. I actually tried to create a set of rules that makes it LESS hardcore and LESS unforgiving than the sea to summit challenge in order to give less experienced players the possibility to participate as well. :? There's nothing bad about doing a challenge just for fun. I'm doing challenges "just for fun" myself, believe it or not. And no-one is forced to tell their times or post any screenshots anyway. There are probably many people out there who read about these challenges here on the forums and play them but don't bother to create a forum account to post their results afterwards. That's just legit, why shouldn't it be? The OP's challenge sounds fun and I could well imagine to play it one day. But I have to agree to ThresholdSeven and Chillplayer that the looting limitations might be a bit too complicated, if this challenge is meant to be competitive in nature (= a community challenge instead of a single player challenge). You can't really backtrace or prove which items people have (or have not) looted, maybe permitting all kinds of items would thus be better. But that's the OP's decision to make, if he prefers an "honor"-based system that's fine. I don't think any competition between different challenges is needed. Everyone can play the challenge he or she likes best (or simply all of them in a row). The more diverse the challenges are, the better. I for one don't find it problematic at all if not all challenges are equally competitive in nature. It's great to have some community challenges where players can compete against each other, but other challenges may just as well be designed as single player challenges in which you only compete against yourself. My post wasn't about criticizing your challenge, but about the "Most of the rules in the OPs challenge can't be tested or proven.". If that is the only point you object to in a challenge, then I claim all the fun you get from a challenge is from comparing your results, not from doing it. You only see it as a competition, not as a thing to do because it is fun in and of itself. But again, my post wasn't about your challenge, but actually in reponse to the post I actually responded to. I still don't understand how "Cannot open containers of any kind" is too complicated a rule, but that's another point entirely. Exactly what I thought.
  12. It's a bit ironic to argue with realism as the wolves are one of the most unrealistic things in TLD. It does take hours or even days for a real wolf to spot a kill because that's how long it takes for one to come anywhere near. In TLD there's always a wolf within a few 100m, so it should pick up on that kill almost immediately. That is exactly the case. I dropped a piece of venison right in front of the Quonset Gas Station and hid inside the car, watching the scene for almost 16 in-game hours: 2 wolves and 1 bear walked right over that meat and didn't even stop to check it.
  13. Yes, because proving how great you are at the game and turning it into a ******* contest is the only way to play. Who'd want to do a challenge just for having a good time?!
  14. Sprains should keep you from doing many more things than they do now. Sprained wrists should basically affect all actions that rely on your hands: smashing furniture, breaking branches, repairs, crafting, harvesting animals. All of those should be slower / more prone to error. Sprained ankles should affect everything regarding your feet: carrying capacity, walking speed, ability to walk on slopes.
  15. Except that this is not the way it was implemented! All the tools stay perfectly effective throughtout their lifespan. You can harvest a deer just a quickly with knife at 10% as with a knife at 100%. I'd love to see something like that. Give players a reason to sharpen their knives and hatchets regularly instead of waiting for the next blizzard and sharpening it then to kill time.