Matches and Striker


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Some thoughts:

Matches seem to decay awfully fast. It hasn't impacted my game at all yet, but, I would imagine they would last longer than a few months!

Likewise, the striker deteriorates awfully fast, somewhere around 2% per use. I would expect something like this to last a lot longer, on the order of several hundred if not a thousand uses. This goes more to gameplay... if you find a striker, and it's at, say, 30% condition, that's only around 15ish uses, which really doesn't do much. Meaning there's not really any point in having the item in the game in its current state.

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While you may be able to strike a firestriker many many times before it wears out, most people would need multiple strikes to start 1 fire.

A firestriker that allows you to start hundreds of fires may be realistic, but it would mess up the balance. I start a fire about once every 1-2 weeks. Say 50 fires a year, just 1 firestriker would last me my entire game.

The firestriker used to degrade at 10% per attempt to start a fire. That made it very limited and this has been lowered to 2% per attempt. Seems very reasonable to me.

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