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  1. Yeah, the rifle can appear in a lot of odd locations. Fishing huts, next to dead bodies, in a cave, under a bed, in a car.
  2. Sometimes when I equip the bow, the arrow is not displayed. I can still shoot the (invisible) arrow, however, I cannot retrieve it (since it's invisible). Switching to the gun and back to the bow will usually make the arrow appear.
  3. Does this occur with other things, do you know? I noticed I crafted a bunch of lures today and they were all around 79% condition, and I had a used lure in my inventory at the time.
  4. Wow, that's pretty long. I guess I need to review my resources a little better.
  5. Any stories? Any bragging? Currently I am at 122 days and should hit 200 pretty easily (medium difficulty), having explored all three maps pretty thoroughly, collected just about everything, and am currently bunkered down at the Farmstead in Pleasant Valley. It is no exaggeration to say that I've explored every nook and cranny and have collected everything at the Farmstead. Fully geared. 40kg of cooked meat left. 20kg water (the more important stat is 2398230974 matches, 29308232 starters, and 100kg of wood). Untold processed food left. I tried to use a little of this as possible. It amounts to 30kg. We're talking everything here, dog food, MREs, soda, condensed milk, etc. 48 bullets left. 3 rifles. 2 bows and 4 arrows. Need to go check corpses as feathers are my limiting factor now as I have tons of scrap metal and something like 30 birch. 40 scrap metal + tons of items I haven't harvested yet. Looks like 80 total scrap metal, give or take. 12kg fuel. 50 cloth + 20kg of unharvested clothes. Tons of leather, guts, fur, etc. Magnifying glass and 2 firestrikers and, of course, a ton of matches. Something like 5 hatchets, 6 knives, 6 lanterns, 4 prybars, etc., etc. And... I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting. I took thorough notes and maps on this play-through and am pretty sure I've got everything I can get on all three maps at the Farmstead. And spent a lot of time min-maxing and so on. Haven't hibernated at all. So I should probably make... 200? 250? days. That's my best guess so far. Maybe 300?
  6. Bug: Crafting a new arrow results in an arrow with less than 100% condition when a damaged arrow is in your inventory. To reproduce: 1. Create an arrow and use it so that it has less than 100% condition. 2. Have this (damaged) arrow as the only arrow in your inventory. 3. Create a new arrow. Result: Newly created arrow has the same condition as the existing one in your inventory. Expected: New arrow has 100% condition.
  7. Steps: 1. Shoot bear, get mauled. State: 10% condition and bleeding out. 2. Quit game. 3. Load game. Expected: Either return to previous save pre-attack or return to 10% and bleeding out. Instead, I return to 100% and bleeding out, with the bear still alive right next to me, and yet to maul me. I quickly ran away, and it did not maul me. Result: bear bleeds out as expected, but I am back at 95% or so. If I don't run away quickly, it begins the attack again. However, it looks like the bear did destroy my clothes, so, that's working properly.
  8. I shot it three times before it got to me, it mauled me to 10%, and then I patched up and it bled to death fairly quickly. So presumably it takes 4 shots to kill one? Of course, it also destroys a lot of your clothes when it mauls you, so I nearly froze to death afterwards.
  9. Just killed one after the hotfix. Yield was 33kg, 10 gut and I forget how much bearskin.
  10. 1. Equip knife. 2. Spam crap out of left and right mouse button (left, right, left, right, etc.). No knife, no gun? Run like hell.
  11. Any more specific timeframe on the release yet than "end of this week"?
  12. Some thoughts: Matches seem to decay awfully fast. It hasn't impacted my game at all yet, but, I would imagine they would last longer than a few months! Likewise, the striker deteriorates awfully fast, somewhere around 2% per use. I would expect something like this to last a lot longer, on the order of several hundred if not a thousand uses. This goes more to gameplay... if you find a striker, and it's at, say, 30% condition, that's only around 15ish uses, which really doesn't do much. Meaning there's not really any point in having the item in the game in its current state.
  13. Jackrabbit Island is also pretty good. There's enough space on the porch to build a few fires that are protected from the wind, and still place your sleeping bag.
  14. Great, thanks for the quick reply opeth! The run is pretty good... granted, I'm only on medium difficulty, but I have most of the non-perishable food left, about 39 bullets, tons of snares and tons of other supplies. So... I dunno, I haven't done the math exactly but... day 160 isn't too much of a stretch.