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[align=center]My Suggestions[/align]

1 - Add more animals

- Bears

2 - Add Mushrooms

- There are poisonous and edible mushrooms

-When you pick up the mushroom it doesn't say the name or is it edible you have to know that yourself

3 - Add more mystery to the game

-For example:

- Add shadows in the dark ( for when you start a camp fire outside or when you are fishing and there is a blizzard

outside you can see human shapes and other strange figures and shadows far away but if you go chasing after them you woun't find anything.

- Add screams and other strange sounds to the game for when we walk around

- Add footprints and claw marks on the trees to scare the players in what might be out there

- Add notebooks and leathers on corpses and in cabins with strange notes and memos in them and with the last words of the people who wrote them before they froze...

4 - Add books

- You can find books in cabins and gain random experience

- The better condition of the book the more you will gain

- Book suggestions:

- How to start a fire ( gain fire exp )

- So you want to know how to shot? ( rifle exp )

- First time fishing ( fishing exp )

- and so on...

5 - Add Sanity

- You gain sanity by crafting,fishing,drinking tea...

- You lose it when its dark...

[align=center]That's all for now :D Hope you like my suggestions :D[/align]

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Bears are commonly requested, and the dev's have stated they've shown interest in them, you may be interested in my post from a while back: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=2603

Mushrooms I'm not so sure of. maybe in logpiles and whatnot, but the fruiting bodies tend to disappear when Winter comes along.

Books are already being discussed in a thread here: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=3420

feel free to add your thoughts to any of the posts I am linking you to.

And number 5.... heh, you nicked that right from Don't Starve, didn't you? Don't deny it, I've played it, I know how it works :) It's a nice idea, but most people (well I say most, but now I think about, maybe not as much) are not afraid of the dark, and it doesn't really detract from our sanity, and since Will Mackenzie is sort of an Everyman character, he wouldn't really be affected.

Nice ideas, I liked the mystery concepts. You might like another of my posts from a while back: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=3300

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OK then we can edit the sanity a little and yes I might have gotten the idea from Don't Starve :3

When you don't sleep for a long time and when you don't eat or drink the sanity goes down.

The less sanity you got the more often you hear the screams and see the shadows from suggestion 3 or if we cant add that because of Don't Starve just add the mysteries.

For mushrooms well there are some mushrooms that can grow in winter and if not we can put them in cabins.

And if we put them outside they can be placed on trees,logs...

And I have more suggestions but I am waiting to see what people think of these.

[align=center]NOTE[/align] [align=center]When I say we I mean the people working on the game xD[/align]

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I like to idea of a sanity slider. After a few months on your own facing impending death on a daily basis, you wouldn't be in a healthy mental state. As your insanity grows, weird things start happening.

Although not particularly PC, I'd like smoking and drinking in the game as well. In that situation, facing my final moments, I'd be sat around a fire, on a hill, smoking. It would help with my sanity...

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If there would be good whiskey, I'd be living the life! I'd make a huge campfire, find myself a comfortable seat and just watch the sun set, or sitting next to a burning stove/ fireplace reading a good book, while sipping scotch :) I'd even indulge with some good cigars if I found them.

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I think the overall philosophy of the long dark is similar to that of the Skaal of Solstheim (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) "We do not hunt for sport or entertainment, but to survive". I think that many people who play FPS do not see how the balance has to be kept in a natural environment. They tend to be the type that yell "MOAR GUNS!" (I have in the past made posts describing the implementation of different varieties of firearm, such as shotguns and pistols, but this was before I realized you could find more than one rifle on a map) and although it would be interesting to have more firearm variants on the map, it isn't necessary.

Ahem, back on topic. I think most definitely that some form of skill tree related to books should be implemented alongside the books, as well.

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As far as the mysterious noises, I had a similar idea a while back to mod the "pilgrim" difficulty into a psychological horror game. It could be great, but is probably too far from the main game to be in the vanilla.

But I don't like the sanity meter idea. It's been done to death in other games, and really it's the *player* who should be getting scared and anxious, not the character.

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Scratch marks, ambient and the like sounds might be cool (as long as they fit into the game), but I disagree with seeing things or eventual paranormal stuff and insanity meters too. The game should indeed scare the player, without going through the character. I do think last words and memos from other (now dead) survivors would be nice, it would fit in nicely with the somewhat grim and mysterious atmosphere, the inevitability of death and all.

OT: TLD would indeed be a nice base for modding, as the core gameplay is solid and more content never hurts.

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I think the idea of edible / poisonous plants and books would go well together - you could find a guidebook of some kind that makes it so that you know which plants are edible and which aren't - after you dedicate time to reading it, of course.

Maybe the plant designs/stats can be randomized each time, so that you can't learn from a previous playthrough what plants are and are not edible.

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Like some posters have already said, the sanity metre would take away from the game experience. That's what I like about the game so much, it lets you decide on your own how you feel about what's going on around you. At time terror, anxiousness, happiness at finding a gorram can opener.

On the other hand, the book idea I like. Read it, learn it, chuck it in the fire as tinder.

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You have some good ideas here Boz ... I like the idea of personalizing the corpses with little notes of last words...

But what struck a personal note for me was the idea of the struggle with sanity- apparently that's what killed my ancestor. He started talking to the crows and mountains! Finally dug his own grave, made his own marker, wrote a final words poem and lay down in his self-made plot to meet the long dark... Oo

A real element, sanity is ,,,

Little Fox~

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