The Long Dark Tops 250,000 Sold In Early Access

Bill Tarling

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Hinterland's Kickstarted PC survival game reaches a quarter million in under six months

"Our goal with The Long Dark was to create a very different type of experience - an artistic survival game - and we were prepared for the game to be quite niche as a result," said Hinterland creative director Raph Van Lierop. "Thinking that a quarter of a million people have embraced our vision, even in this early state - something we've put forward without compromise - is extremely rewarding. And we're just getting started."

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Reposting this on polish forums, I'm working to build quite a fanbase here, talked into about 10 my friends now and they're all positive about the game. Keep on rockin!

Congrats Hinterland!

At least gimme a spin when you get your Ferraris, I'm doing the marketing, right? :mrgreen:

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I notice in the stats posted, that Norway is in 8th place of units sold, which is pretty damned cool if you ask me :) ... rly-access

Is this calculation taking into account population? Considering for instance Sweden has almost double the population of Norway and is in 9th place. Always like to beat the Swedes no matter what ;)

Maybe TLD appeals so much in this country because it's managed to capture the feeling of freezing and winter so well. Us Norwegians are fond of the winter, that's for sure!

Now just add some skis to the game :mrgreen:

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