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  1. Dear Jeremy, I understand all that you are saying, but what are the features? :mrgreen:
  2. I had my nice fireplace going, but I was still cold, so I took one step forward, one more to get warmer, maybe one more, one mo... damn, I'm on fire! Learning curves are awesome!
  3. @Myshaak no, I think Bill will combust at some point
  4. I cannot treat this seriously. Let's say there's a website about upcoming Need For Speed game. There is already a beta, that shows what's going on, there's a devblog, where devs say what are their plans, there's a community that's happy with the game. Now the guy comes and posts stuff about adding rockets and bicycles to NFS and posting that they should look up "Kerbal Space Program", cause that game is so successful! Also we should totaly implement mechanics from Quake, cause that game is also cool. Is it worth discussing? This is not it. That's not the game. It wont happen, cause neither do devs want it nor their target audience. This is other game. You eat and drink both in DayZ and TLD? Fine, but that doesn't make those games similar, you obviously don't understand what's TLD.
  5. Did you notice that this is The Long Dark forum? :roll:
  6. This is impressive, I'm so happy to be able to support a developer like Hinterland! Thanks!!!
  7. Reposting this on polish forums, I'm working to build quite a fanbase here, talked into about 10 my friends now and they're all positive about the game. Keep on rockin! Congrats Hinterland! At least gimme a spin when you get your Ferraris, I'm doing the marketing, right? :mrgreen:
  8. @elloco999 That's a placeholder for actual content
  9. Cannot agree with ChilliPlayer. I myself am an a bit older gamer, so I remember 90's and reading magazines to get cheats or guids on games. But times change, dude, look around, there are social media, there's a damn encyclopedia along with video player, music player and 24/7 news in your phone. It's not like I can FORCE hinterland to do anything, but weekly updates would be appreciated. I know, it takes time, but it's up to devs to decide how much time would day put on it. I worked few good years in software developement and I know a bit about the process (worked as a project manager), so I guess devs are meeting and talking about the project and making some notes of it just to check progress - just making some bulletpoints out of it should give fans some insight into the project. Or is it AGILE?
  10. Totally need moar updates! Like "here guys, this is a screenshot of the shit im working on, watcha think?", it's that simple.
  11. Yeah, can't wait to play it, hope it's not only playable on NASA computers. Note: the game was based on books, not the other way. Some people may avoid book, cause crap like books based on Assassins Creed games or STALKER books, but no, it's not the case here. Books themselves built the rich world, which game was based upon. Great books, great game, also W1 was the first polish game that went really global, so brings a tear to my eye :mrgreen:
  12. I think "QA Lead" was taken mistakenly as something that has to do with "Q&A", hence the confusion.