Old label at start of game (Fixed in v0.2)


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I recently died in my sleep at the Lake Cabin. This forced me to start over. Upon restarting, the previous location label was displayed. This is infinitely repeatable; if I load at this point it will kill me in the lake cabin again, and then restarting will just take me back to the beginning of this loop.


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ADDENDUM to playing right from "Trailer" text being on the screen from a new game.

[apologies for lack of coordinates or specifics -- still haven't gotten the debug fully figured out yet]

I took a shortcut back to the trailers [over the hill at the very start]. Reached the 2nd trailer [the one that usually has the storm lamp] and entered door -- instead of being inside, it sent me immediately to the start position again, and had over 2 days survival marked.


Looks like every start of new game begins with the same Survival Panel scoring now

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Fixed in v0.2 (persistent label). Create new thread for new/different bugs, even if potentially related.

The survival clock not resetting has also been fixed. Getting warped to the start is a new one... if you can reproduce, open a new bug for that one. Will try to repro as well.

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