Whats it really like out there ??


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Someone give us [glow=black]Mac OS X[/glow] owners a little idea of what to expect ??

I only ask, because in the screenshot of the Railway Bridge in "Bugs" even in the exploded view, I couldn't really see it. It was all too dark for me to recognise what it was. IS that what it is like in the game ?? Or can you see things a lot better ??

Any other tips you may have ?? Im not worried about spoilers, but make me envious lol

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Sorry about that, during my normal playing I couldn't tell that the rails were floating so after hearing about it I was looking real hard to see if I could determine if there was any floating. I had to crouch and look real close to really see it; which explains the less than great screen shot.

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* Don't run through the forest naked

* Don't stop to pet or play with the cute doggies following you

* Do be prepared to be ecstatically happy when you get a chance to see the game in play

* The polar bear beside the outhouse does not like to be poked with a stick

[spoil]There is no polar bear.... or maybe there is :twisted:[/spoil]

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