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Two different light sources have had issues:

  1. The sun. I was standing in "The Clearing" facing the road sign (back to the mountains). It was nearing sundown, the sun and shadows were cast out in front of me. But if I turned my head (via mouse) there were certain directions that would cause the sun to turn off.
  2. The storm lantern. Was walking around with the lantern lit and equipped. Occasionally when I turned my head (via mouse) there would be dark sections that would snap back to being lit.

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We're aware of #1 -- it appears to be a Unity bug related to how terrain trees are culled. We are going to get the bug filed with Unity asap.

For #2, do you recall if this occurred only on the ice? There is an issue with the shader being used on the ice that causes point lights to not work as expected.

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I'm curious if anyone else can repro this problem. I have been unable to reproduce (although I did find a new bug with wolf footprints getting all glowy in the light).

To speed up testing of this bug:

1. invoke console (~), type debug_keyboard_shortcuts

2. at console type: warp 1044.9 38.3 1025.4

3. type T to "teleport" player to camera location

4. at console type: gear_add gear_kerosenelampB

5. equip lantern with '2'

6. at console type: show_tod_slider, then press ESC and use mouse to adjust slider to night

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