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Here are some suggestions and ideas to have for in TLD.

1: Recycle the use of ruined sewing kits, converting them into scrap metal.
2: Using bones, claws, antlers, and teeth for various tools or weapons - i.e. bone shards to make sewing needles to restore sewing kits, leg bones attached with wolf or bear jawbones to use as clubbing weapons, bones turned into knives.
3:  Full discarding of ruined items that can't be recycled.
4: Recycling cans to also be used for scrap metal, converting into knife blades, fishing hooks, or even as a deterrent system (a string of cans that rattle to startle away wolves) if they get close to one's camp, or make the cooking pot.
5: Ruined food items should be used as bait for wolves and bears.
6: Goggles - to help combat blizzards.
7: Better blood trails on wounded animals - There have been a few times the blood trails would suddenly end and disappear leaving the corpse of the animal in an unknown location and direction.
8: Craft a bedroll from deer, wolf, and/or cloth if one can't find or kill a bear or moose. 
9: Crafting candles from animal fat.
10: Crafting a sled, the sled can be used to carry supplies or dragging the carcasses of the animals hunted. (Scrap metal, cedar limb, cured intestine)
11: Keeping meat outside in a container (container, trunk, etc.) will keep the meat fresher longer and/or freezes it for later use, lessens decay rate greatly.
12:  Slingshot (cured intestine, branch -stick-, stone), stones would be used for the ammo of it. If you can't throw a rock at a rabbit, test yourself with a slingshot. Using it on wolves would spook them on contact.  Or even be crafted with sticks and anything rubber found in the game, or have the other kind of slingshot (primitive slingshot) using a cured intestine or cloth. 
13: Tinder box, the metal container could be used and can be converted to be used to carry the embers from a fire to help start a new fire without using other materials to start fires. - Portable Stove (that can have embers in it to keep it ready for use) gives heat to the character while on the go (can only last a few hours before it snuffs out).
14: Handmade handsaw, crafted from using scrap metal (or cans) with cloth or cured intestine.
15: Bait traps, i.e. a knife would be used to hidden in meat or covered in animal blood and positioned in snow or ice (or tied down or onto something stationary) so the bear or wolf would eat/lick it and damage themselves on the blade causing them to bleed (this is an old method to kill predators).
 16: Cutting up down trees - trees that have already fallen down and such should be able to be cut up and used for firewood.
17: Rummaging burned out remains of buildings, charcoal, and possible metal items to be found.
18: Repair outdoor buildings. Like the Mountaineer's Hut, there should be a way to repair the holes in the roof and such to help keep the place warmer on colder days. Also being able to make makeshift doors for certain places and fishing huts. 
19:  Build various types of winter shelters.
20: Handwarmers, they would be one-time use and handy when freezing to death. They can be recycled for another use or put in the fire for fuel after they are used up.
21: Drying rack - for making jerky and dried fish, these food items would last longer.
22: Hollowed out tree logs for shelter.
23: Bottles of honey - can be used for food and healing.
24: Hard candy - can be crafted with the use of honey, can also be used as bait for deer and moose.
25: Various canned soups, canned meats, canned cat food, loose nuts and seeds (can be bait for deer, moose, and rabbits), harvesting bird eggs from nests, etc..
26: Crafting a stone hammer - can be put together with stone, fir log, and cured intestine.
27: Interacting with furniture - can sleep on couches, rest on chairs, convert bathtubs into beds, etc..
28: Bone Broth - crafting/cooking this gives warming effects after consumption or mixed with other food items to make stew in a pot.
29: Crafting a wood lantern - when your storm lantern is broken, you should be able to craft one that uses sticks for the fire use. It helps light the way but also keeps you warm as long as you have sticks in your inventory.
30: Uses for the hay bales, possibly some craftable things - can be used for warmth, bedding, fire starter, etc... 
31: Able to place things. - This would allow us to organize places we have made our camp bases in. It'll be easier to keep things sorted out and not dumped piles on the ground. 
32: More animals - foxes, mule deer, mountain goats, wolverine, cougar, lynx, caribou, elk, grizzly bears, birds, etc... Animals of Canada, maybe even a random polar bear along the coast.
33: Alarm system - using cans and cured intestine to set up a small alarm trap to scare off bears or wolves that trigger when they touch it. It will scare them away for a time. This will help keep certain areas safe from them in ambushing you or killing off, perhaps, rabbits or deer you have in the area. Or even help protect your outdoor camp.
34: Avalanches - Depending on what's happening via weather or if a firearm is discharged, there should be a chance for an avalanche to happen.

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5 hours ago, TheOracleDragon said:

3:  Full discarding of ruined items that can't be recycled.

If I'm correctly understanding what you're saying, this can already be done by placing ruined items in empty containers or drawers.

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Okay wow... this is quite a list:

11 hours ago, TheOracleDragon said:

1: Recycle the use of ruined sewing kits, converting them into scrap metal.
4: Recycling cans to also be used for scrap metal, converting into knife blades, fishing hooks, or even as a deterrent system (a string of cans that rattle

In the best case scenario the sewing kits would be aluminum (but look plastic to me), and aluminum would not be useful as "scrap metal."  The recycled cans have the same issue... they'd be aluminum and aluminum is too just too soft to make any meaning full tools out of (in the context of the game's crafting system anyway).  I once had the same though about using recycled cans for scrap, but frankly for what scrap is used for aluminum would just be junk metal.

2: Bones, Claws, Antlers, and Teeth... A great suggestion, and if memory serves, this idea has been in the wish list forums for quite along time.  You are not alone in wishing for this.

3: As @Hawk mentioned, if you put a ruined item into a storage container... the game de-spawns it.  It's gone forever.

5: You used to be able to drop any food item as a decoy... but I agree with their decision to change that to just meat and guts.  I can't imagine really luring a wolf or a bear with a candy bar.  :)

6: Goggles - I don't think goggles would really be of help considering the game does not limit visibility by simulating the character squinting due to the blisteringly cold wind... but rather because the snow fall is so dense and raging.  So because of this, goggles would do nothing to increase visibility.  Besides I rather like it that blizzards are disorienting and threatening... I feel like that's kind if the point, that nature is the real threat.  I don't think blizzards should be maid easier in any way.

7: Blood Trails - Yeah it's frustrating when you lose a trail and as a result loose a kill... but honestly, sometimes hunting in real life can be like that.  So that being said I'm fine with that mechanic as is.  If they decide to improve it, great...but if not I'm perfectly fine with that too.  It adds the challenge I think.

8: Bedroll (alternate materials) - I think that the number of bed rolls in a given game world is pretty well scaled to the selected difficultly level.  I think being able to craft a bedroll out nearly everything make them too cheap.  I like the requirement of the bear pelt because it not only encourages you to tangle with at least two bears... I think the other pelts wouldn't work very well as a sleeping bag (not at providing much warmth anyways).  Naturally one would counter argue that Wolf pelt would be plenty warn... and they would be right.  However, Wolf pelts are already pretty easy to come by and that goes back to not liking the idea that crafting a bed fur bedroll should feel so cheap.  In short, I like the system the way it is.

9: Candles - A great suggestion, and like being able to use antlers, bones, and teeth; it's a wish list item that comes up a lot.  You are not alone in wishing for this.

10: Sled - Definitely a neat idea.  This topic in particular has been discussed at great length by many people... in short it seems that the general consensus is it would be neat but would have drastic effects on game play and potentially pose a lot of complex problems in terms of implantation and balancing.

11: Meat (and a majority of the other food items in game) already keep for much longer when stored outside (whether in an outdoor container or just laying on the ground).  That is to say, most foods decay at a much slower rate when left outside.  As for containers, at present you can't move any of them so that's when you just leave your food on the ground.  Not to worry since currently animals will not mess with food that's laying around.  :) 

12: Slingshot/Sling - Booth good suggestions that are another common wish list item.  You are not alone in wishing for this.

13: Carrying Embers - I love this idea... I really do.  It could be as simple as using a recycled can and some tinder. :)  However, the ways to start a fire are fairly well scaled to your chosen difficulty level.  There are already a lot of ways to start a fire... and while there is much support in the community for more primitive fire starting methods (hand-drill, bow-drill, ember carriers - like you suggested) I'm not sure how likely it will be to get added.  They would all be really nice touches, but fire starting is already pretty accessible.

14: Crafted Hand Saw - An interesting idea.  I would say that the current hacksaws are good and easy to maintain.  As far as crafting we can already make an improvised hatchet.  I think it's always better to have more options than fewer and more things to craft would always be welcome.  Though considering how easy it is to maintain the hacksaw, I think an improvised handsaw might be too redundant.  I don't know, it's still a nice suggestion.

15: Bait Traps - So the last time I expressed that I thought the Trapper's Cabin might contain steel traps (you know since it's a trapper's cabin), and it quickly shifted to an ethical/political debate... and here you are talking about hiding a knife inside of meat... that would probably not go over well.

16: Cutting up fallen trees - A nice suggestion, however wood is very very plentiful.  The downed logs/trunks/trees are (in my opinion) much more valuable as wind breaks and safety from predators (since nothing can jump... stepping up on a log can save your life :D ).

17: Rummaging though burned out structures - I like this idea a lot... suggesting you might find/harvest charcoal, scrap, and reclaimed wood both makes sense and would be a really nice touch.  Great suggestion.

18: Repairing buildings/makeshift doors - A neat idea.  I rather like the world the way it is, but I can see the merit in being able to sure up buildings and put doors on fishing huts.  I think it would change the game a little too much... but it is a neat idea.

19: Build various types of winter shelters - I'm not sure what you mean.  We have the snow shelters... and I can't really see Will or Astrid spending the time to build igloos.

20: Hand warmers - I see what you are saying, but there are already so many options for hand coverings/protection... I don't see this as necessary.

21: Food Drying Rack - A nice idea, one that is also a frequent topic of the wish list.  You are not alone in wishing for this.  Although as many have pointed out in the past, food keeps for a really long time (especially when stored outside - for most items)... so the idea of curing foods doesn't seem necessary.

22: Hollowed out tree logs for shelter - These are actually in the game now :)  There are hollow trees you can hunker down in or use to start a fairly well protected campfire.  In some places there are large pipes you can use for this purpose as well.

23: Bottles of Honey - This is a neat idea worth consideration as a future food item maybe.

24: Hard Candy (found or crafted with honey) - A neat follow up since you not only suggested a new food item but also a possible crafting recipe including it.  Also great that you also have a suggested use other than for eating.  Nicely done.

25: More food items - Good idea, and often requested.  You are not alone in wishing for this.

26: Stone Hammer - A nice idea.  Though I think what we have now is good, and it's easily repaired with a little wood.  However, more crafting and primitive tools do show up in many wish lists.  You are not alone in wishing for this.

27: Interacting with furniture - It seems to be a fairly common request to be to sit and or laydown on things in this game :D  You are not alone in wishing for this, and I agree... sometimes you just want to sit down by the stove and read a good book while waiting for some delicious venison to cook and some water to boil.

28: Bone broth - more cooking recipes are also a fairly frequent request.  You are not alone in wishing for this.

29: Craft wooden lantern - well I've never known a lantern to break, they don't were out as far as I know (though you may find them in various condition), and you can pretty easily repair them (assuming you found the right tools).  Also, I'm no lampologist, but wouldn't a wooden lamp just sort of... burn?  I'm not being sarcastic, I don't know anything about primitive lamp making technology... I just know wood burns, so I'm assuming.

30: Practical uses for hay bales - Nice suggestion.

31: Able to place things - you can place things... sometimes from the radial by right clicking, but most reliably by first dropping it on the ground then right clicking on it to move it where you want to put it.  Though it is a very common request to be able to have a better mechanic for placing and arranging items... Also for more customization for living spaces.  All good ideas.

32: More Animals - Probably one of the most requested wish list items.  You are not alone in wishing for this.

33: Recycled Can Alarm - This is my favorite of the entire list.  It would be great to have another use for recycled cans!  Perhaps using line and several cans... and if a predator wonders onto the line the clamor would both possibly scare off the wolf and wake you from sleep.  Good idea, good suggestion.

34: Avalanches - Cool idea... I like it.  :D


Well that took a lot longer than I was hoping, I hope you don't mind getting feedback for each point on your list. 

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