Dev Diary - August 2018

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I've been really wanting to go back and play the first two episodes again,  but knowing that so much is going to be changing, I'll hold off until the redux is live.  I really enjoy where the story is going and I hope we learn more about Great Bear, its inhabitants, and the context behind the First Flare event.  I love survival mode but having context really helps immerse me in the idea of this place you've so artfully crafted.  December can't come soon enough.

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On 7/31/2018 at 10:59 AM, admin said:

So excited been playing for at least 2 years didn't realize how bad I was at surviving for more than 10 days so I worked hard and eventually I got my game called ihdfjbilus or something like that I just typed in random worlds  but I have survived 29 days on that world and have a level 3 rifle skill and a wolf skin coat the first skin coat I've made in the game.




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