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  1. I'm really scared of dear after playing Red Dead Redemption 2. They've pushed me over ledges and on to train tracks. I just need reassurances that this will NEVER happen in The Long Dark. On a serious note, you made a great game and I think you are really setting an example in the industry and are more generous than I would reasonably expect from any game company (just wish more companies would follow your example). Bought your game once on the black Friday sale 2017 and got a great game. Since then it's just gotten even better (with the Hush River Valley and the Redux episodes being the notable additions to the game) and looks like it's only going up from there. Here is to 2019 (a little late but whatever) Also some questions real quick Why isn't possible to look 360 degrees in cars? Will you ever add a crossbow or a compound bow?
  2. it's gonna be a good Christmas this year