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    EP3 review

    From an outsider who hasn't really been witness to what this team has in store, it can make ones with active imaginations speculate many things, even if they are a bit far-reaching. When I wrote that, it was before Episode 3's release and going purely off the story in-game, there isn't much to grasp onto and say with certainty that this is what's happening. While the Lost idea of a time-skipping island was a wild speculation on my part, it was something that I found to be an interesting concept that is not completely without merit. One could look at these events that transpire in the game and say that it's grounded in reality with a few twists; wolves with glowing eyes during and aurora event, a mysterious man who Will happens upon at critical points in his journey, computers and other electronics humming to life during an aurora, and so on. However, all we know for sure or more precisely, all I know for sure, is that this is a geomagnetic event that caused in part, the ultimate demise of Great Bear. When you pair the religious figure of Methuselah to a man who just happens to appear at critical points in your journey, and couple that with the wild events going on, it wasn't too far a stretch for me to start brainstorming ideas, admittedly sometimes a bit too wildly. Again, I know nothing of the story's conception and development, only what is in the game. This story appears to be focusing on the human condition and morality and a genre that's also heavily focused on those aspects is science fiction. While a time-skipping Great Bear seems outlandish- and in all likelihood it is- there is nothing that states anything concrete about what's really happening outside of a "geomagnetic event". Then these characters just raise more interesting questions that people like me can only speculate on until the full story is revealed.
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    EP3 review

    Hey Fuarian, you're a mod over on /r/TheLongDark! Anyway, yeah, Seraphim is the highest order of angels which I remember from the movie Dogma. I also looked it up again to make sure that was indeed correct. I actually mentioned the religous undertones going on in a Milton Mailbag a while back. Here is a copy/paste of what I wrote:
  3. The thing is, I don't know that they understand what is happening. To them, it might have just been a nasty storm that took them down or maybe a malfunction of the plane itself, but they don't know it's the apocalypse, at least I don't believe they do. Will and Astrid seem to be in the same boat on this. While the people in Great Bear might have a different understanding of things, given the nature of the region depicted in the game, mainlanders like Astrid, Will, and likely all the crash survivors are probably unaware of what's really happening. Given that context, they probably act more in line of "things will get better" rather than "this is the end".
  4. The last "Locals" note is found in the building atop Signal Hill. However, that building is locked until you complete "Coming Storm". All the other notes can be found prior to completing Coming Storm.
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    EP3 review

    I took a screenshot during one of the cinematic flashbacks which shows Astrid's ID badge. It says "Seraphim: Sleep Research Centre". She is clearly a researcher but the fact that it's sleep research makes me wonder what the hell is going on in Great Bear.
  6. Not sure if it matters or not, but the filenames of those images reveal the characters names and even an area name. Also, a shout out to @Raphael van Lierop for a very well said retrospective on your (and your teams) last five years. You've created an experience that is unlike anything I've ever played. It's always amazing how we can have dialogue with you and you take the time to answer people's questions and listen to their stories. I also enjoyed your NoClip interview, though it left me wanting more of that 'behind the curtain' look at how this game is developed. I'd like to personally thank you for continuing to follow your dream because believe it or not, it inspires me to continue reaching for mine. Hope you and the team are doing well!
  7. Hey Raph! What is the process of looking for someone to make original music for your game or did you already have Sascha and Cris in mind? Do you kinda just let them do their own thing or do you take a more active role in shaping the musical experience? Aside from TLD, what would you say is your favorite game soundtrack, from any gaming era? Thanks and have a good weekend everyone!
  8. In previous mailbags, you've mentioned that Hinterland uses Max and Maya for your modelling and animation which you mention is pretty standard in the industry. However, big companies like Epic Games and Ubisoft have very recently joined the Blender Foundation's Development Fund which helps further develop the free and open-sourced 3D modelling/animation program, Blender. Has Blender ever been a consideration for implementation at Hinterland, or is it something that is on your radar at all? I ask because a massive update is about to drop for it and it seems to be getting a lot of attention and with Epic and Ubisoft joining the development fund, I'm curious if the industry is slowly starting to adopt Blender as a replacement to the industry standard. It's also free and has no licensing fee's, but I'm not sure how big a dent those costs make in the overall budget.
  9. You've talked about game streaming in the past and it seems your stance has been one of wait and see. With the reveal of Stadia and your attendance at E3 this year, I was wondering if your perception has changed on the matter. Follow up question: What are your thoughts on owning a game digitally vs. owning a physical copy?
  10. Over the last few years, a spotlight is ever growing on the practices by big triple A companies around, among other things, crunch time. As a studio that is more independent, what are your views on crunch and mandatory overtime to meet a deadline?
  11. The new pain mechanic for sprains, how does that affect a character negatively? Does it tie into the overhauled aiming system or some other system?
  12. * [Enviro] Updated flags to animate. The most underrated update this update. 🤩
  13. I never really thought about the privacy aspect of it, but I understand your position on the matter. Thanks for taking time to answer my question.
  14. What are your thoughts on putting up some behind the scenes videos on Hinterland's YouTube channel? Games are a big undertaking and I'm always in wonderment on how a team, small or large, is able to create something from ostensibly nothing. Like how did Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan come to a decision on the musical style to use? How do the sound designers, programmers, and engineers bring the world to life with sound? How do level designers and artist collaborate, or how do programmers deal with systems that overlap each other? I've always enjoyed a behind the scenes look at how games are made because it puts a face on the people who make the game you enjoy playing so much.
  15. I think the current format is doing what it's supposed to be doing, so I have no issue with how these Mailbags are presented. One thing I've always wanted was to get some behind the scenes looks at the making of this game. I'm not asking that you divulge company or industry secrets, but it's always a cool thing to see people behind the scenes making what you've spent countless hours enjoying. I have to imagine there is some footage floating around somewhere in your studio that hits this mark. I don't know, I love to see how things come together and the people that make that dream a reality.
  16. I think it would be a cool feature/mechanic to have a very rare chance of thundersnow happening during a blizzard. Mechanically, it can be something like a polar vortex where the temperature gets insanely low, even lower than what would normally be occurring at that stage in your run. It could be triggered to happen randomly (but very rarely) once you hit like day 50 to add some challenge to late game survivors. I know Raph doesn't like to put stuff in that doesn't really add anything mechanically, or doesn't fit with the overall idea, but I think this is a pretty solid start to a late game challenge mechanic.
  17. @Raphael van Lierop I live in Chicago, IL and I can confirm there is such a thing as thunderstorms in winter. In fact, they've coined the term "Thundersnow" for the phenomenon. I remember when I was working downtown one day during winter, it was completely overcast, snowing, and the sky lit up and loud thunder rumbled across the city. It was so bizarre. I heard it's pretty rare but like most things in the natural world, if you have the right combination of things, it can happen. I feel like Great Bear might be one of a few larger areas that might be experiencing the phenomenon, at least currently. It seems unlikely that the entire global weather system would suddenly change together unless something massive contributed to that change. I could see there being a ripple effect though, slowly working its way and messing with weather systems far and wide until it becomes a global problem. Or, maybe Astrid and Will saw the lights when passing a time-barrier that is attempting to contain a time rip that is disrupting the weather around it. Maybe Grey Mother is actually a much older Astrid, and Methuselah is a much older Will. I mean, Grey Mother lost a daughter, which I'm assuming is the situation being hinted at between Will and Astrid early on, and then Methuselah being omniscient, seems like he's seen these events play out before and why he'd know where to be to guide Will. Like I said last week, I'm not sure how sci-fi you're going with this story but I like to speculate.
  18. Is this apocalypse affecting other areas other than Great Bear? I know Will makes a comment about the weather being unusual before he and Astrid set off, but that seems to be the extent of which we're told about the greater world outside of Great Bear in regards to this apocalypse, aside from the financial crisis going on.
  19. So in religious texts, Methuselah is thought to have incredibly long life, or is sometimes even portrayed as immortal in various creative works. There is also a book called: Forever Young: A Cultural History of Longevity wherein the author posits that Methuselah is actually a symbolic link between the creation of man and the great flood, which could draw some parallels of Methuselah in the game. He himself says this has all happened before, which makes me think he's been witness to a previous "rebirth" of civilization (creation) and is now witnessing its downfall (the great flood). Considering that Methuselah in the game seemingly is all knowing and appears in the right locations at the right time, I would wager a guess that his presence is either divine or even predestined. Maybe even time travel, depending on how sci-fi this story goes. I honestly felt Great Bear might be like the Island on Lost, shifting through time. I know it's probably spoiler territory to ask but, is there any truth to anything I said?
  20. I can also confirm that changing my SSAO setting to Medium (from High) allows me to maintain a stable FPS with every other setting set to the Ultra preset.
  21. I don't have this exact issue, but I noticed since the redux update that various locations, including Grey Mothers house and the Orca Gas station, the FPS will just dip for no real discernible reason. For example, I can look at Orcas Gas Station while standing between the last set of pumps and get 60fps. Once I move a little closer, the FPS just dips to around to the low 40's to high 30's. This can be replicated around the entire station, where a seemingly invisible threshold is present and once passed over, will trigger a drop in FPS. Lowering my graphical settings gets rid of this particular issue, but I've been able to play on Ultra settings since release with a stable 60fps, so I'm not sure what happened to cause this particular problem. I've dropped a support ticket with Hinterland shortly after the release of redux but as I understand it, Hinterland has an unusually high load of support requests right now, so I'm hoping there will be some resolution to this. I don't really mind having to turn down the graphical settings, though it is a bit annoying considering that graphically, the game hasn't really changed between the last update and the redux. There was another issue I brought to their attention where I'd get frame stutters, even at low quality settings. I'm able to maintain a stable 60fps indoors at Orca, but the frames skip frequently and it's put me off playing the redux until it gets sorted. I know they're busy and I hope sometime soon I can enjoy the Wintermute overhaul.
  22. With the implementation of Wwise audio system, how has the audio design changed from both a technical and gameplay perspective? I know this might be more technical but I was always curious since it was implemented some time after the games initial release.
  23. Looking forward to the future of this game. Also, when you said this: I suspect you meant to say 2018 but wanted to draw it to your attention in case it was a typo.
  24. I watched the retail release trailer again, and something in it struck me as a possible subtle nod to a common situation I've seen many people find themselves in and wondering if there is any confirmation to this. In the trailer, towards the end, there is a quick clip of a bear rushing the player with a flare gun and you hear a distinctive *click* indicating that the flare gun wasn't loaded. I know I've seen numerous posts here and elsewhere where people attempt to use the flare gun only to realize they forgot to reload it. Obviously it's user error and often results in a humorous anecdotes of people doing the same. Just curious if that was a sort of nod to this.
  25. Now that's an interesting mechanic that would be both realistic and hilarious. *Eats Canned Pork and Beans* *Affliction Gained: Searing gas pain. You will fart uncontrollably, attracting wildlife. Treatment: Avoid beans for 24 hours* *Affliction Gained: Dutch Oven. You will be unable to sleep with normal warmth bonus because of the rancid gas being released from your person.*