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I am on the verge of my 13th day in TLD, and I have burnt through two magazines of rifle ammunition already.

I ventured south east to discover more resources and better hunting grounds, and to escape the wolves. When I reached the Forestry lookout (not my favourite place due to the isolation) I found a carton of 5 rifle rounds.

I am being very careful now, resorting to decoys instead of killing wolves outright to save ammunition, but I'm wondering, have I found the last box of bullets on the map? I found one box in the trappers homestead, which is where I spawned intially. I travelled north via the train track route to the Camp office, which became my base of operations.

After scavenging all the resources off the mystery lake region, I travelled north and emptied out the logging camp and continued onto the Carter Hydro Dam, where I found a further 5 rounds in the safe in the control room.

Now that I have found this third box, have I exhausted the ammunition from the map?

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My best run, ammunition wise, was 6 boxes. Make sure to check the derailment (there's sometimes a box near the deer carcass) and the corpse by the railway bridge (left side before crossing the river when coming from the derailment).

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