Corpse removal or burial


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One more that I always thought about:

Please allow us to remove corpses from cabins or wherever we find them.
I find that no sane man or woman would just go to bed after a traumatic experience with a dead body right next to them.
I've always wanted to at least be able to take the body out of the house, and it would be quite humane and even emotional to decide to bury these people, to use the little strength you have and that you are trying to keep just for a piece of mind, and of humanity in the face of nothingness.


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First point: folks should just kind of get comfortable with the idea of duplicate threads, what with the game coming out of early access and getting a new swathe of players. That being said, there are many other threads which have discussed this point.

I think that, before we think about corpse removal, we might need additional tools to perform the action, such as shovels. Perhaps one can choose to burn a body? That typically takes a good bit of lumber though. 


Second point: I think there is also a utilitarian aspect to it. I was hunting a bear in the coastal Highway region yesterday. Lost the trail because of a snowstorm, but once it cleared I was fairly certain it went towards the crumbling highway entrance. So I go over there, seeing birds, and nope they are still picking over the same corpse that they were at on day 20 when I had made it over there. I was on day 80, so in a semi related concern I believe those corpses should leave by that time, but also I would have buried/burned him by this time, if only to be pragmatic, couldve saved a bit of time there. 

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I use the dead man´s pockets to store my items, particularly items which are a pain to drop down on the floor, like sticks.

I am a pragmatist :D

But seriously, a burial? When the ground is frozen solid? Even with a sharp shovel, you would not make a dent in it, you would need to build a big bonfire on the spot beforehand, and all you would achieve is some melting which would probably still not be enough to bury a body.

There is a reason why Vikings had either fire burials on ships or build a pile of stones over their dead. Burial in frozen ground is pointless, time-consuming and illogical.

As for the actual suggestion - the corpses should just have another button to "remove" them, but I am unsure if that can be feasibly done because of programming. I feel like some people would also like to remove certain human corpses outside from their hunting grounds so that they would only see the murders of crows for the animal carcasses they hunt. So an action which would take like 20-30 in-game minutes similar to crafting, and would remove the dead person, would be appreciated (but I don't consider this to be very necessary. You newer players will soon learn that practical things have a great worth in TLD, and that moral or emotional behaviour will only make things worse in the end)

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