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  1. Hello! I cannot really think of any good place to discuss this, as it straddles the grey area of bug and feature. I live for the moment at the fishing village in the coastal highway. At this village, on occasion, I will see a wolf on the frozen pier. He walks in place. One day i decided to ruin his zen by putting a bullet in him. Thankfully my first shot missed. This wolf, glitched out on the pier, decided to move out further onto the pier and walk in place by a float or an overturned boat. He continued to do this, until he was killed. I have seen him outside of the pier, further on
  2. I initially thought it was impassible on purpose, as it would be insane to try and cross just on the rail. I made that trek at least 15 times though in order to move all my gear from mystery lake over to the Coastal Highway, and am incredibly lucky that I never once attempted to cross it in a blizzard. If it were a thing we could do in game, I would in a heartbeat take plenty of planks from over by the Carter Dam, and craft some safer crossing piece. Few nails, some rocks, maybe put it at two plank thick crossing? That could be a lifesaver, provided one doesn't slip on the ice.
  3. The same can definitely be said of the Dam. Like, before there was no bathroom. No desks or info stations. Now it looks like a place that people work at, or at least worked at.
  4. As I understand it, there are only a few that can spawn? Like, only one per region? I found a clothing based cache in Mystery Lake, and had looked around, using a map to try and find the others, and could not. I don't even use any of the clothing I found in it, but the cloth does help. I switched completely to animal based clothing.
  5. First point: folks should just kind of get comfortable with the idea of duplicate threads, what with the game coming out of early access and getting a new swathe of players. That being said, there are many other threads which have discussed this point. I think that, before we think about corpse removal, we might need additional tools to perform the action, such as shovels. Perhaps one can choose to burn a body? That typically takes a good bit of lumber though. Second point: I think there is also a utilitarian aspect to it. I was hunting a bear in the coastal Highway region ye
  6. Day 80 of my life in the Coastal Highway was marked by the latest scheme to get more food. My stores of Bear meat and scraps of wolf were running thin, could maybe last two more days. I had 40 rifle bullets, a fine wolfskin jacket, and enough lumber for a fire to burn for at least a week. I had killed one of at least three bears in the Coastal Highway area, the one by the campground. That bastard had sat there and made my life hell while I was dragging everything from Mystery Lake to my home. Nevertheless, the process was straightforward in killing him. This was not the case, sadl
  7. My intake of water has tripled as a matter of principle.
  8. I thought something was up as I do not remember the voice line being that gruff. Glad to get some confirmation that I am not the only one.
  9. To clarify my statements: The original placement of some items placed by you in Survival should be good, but many new items have been placed by the update, and this may make those areas off limits, especially in the Dam.
  10. Ok so today I did a full trek back to Mystery Lake to check out the changes. Technically speaking, as far as I understand it, the placed items are not reset. They might as well be though, as there are many many maaaany new items on the ground and in spaces throughout the dam. I didn't intend it as a test, but I had left a firelog and about 40 or so sticks in the Camp office and not only were those items still there, but as was my Lantern, a parka, some birch bark, and some tool boxes. Containers are not reset, though many more have been added. I had previously killed fluffy, and t
  11. Peculiarly most, if not all of my items in my shack in the fishing village of Coastal Highway are still there. I don't know what is causing it, but I do think something weird is up, as I entered the Carter Hydro Dam, and found that a coat, some work boots, and a sweater were placed at the entrance of the dam. inside the dam, by the way. I don't remember putting them there.
  12. Hmm...I had previously found a prepper cache in the mystery lake region, it was geared towards clothing, and I am wondering if the Prepper caches were altered in any way due to Wintermute. Perhaps tomorrow I will take a look. I was able to find enough items in the carter dam, after having swept it before August, in order to justify going back through it again. I don't quite recall if the dam had a bathroom before the update, but it makes much more sense now that it does. I too really liked a lot of the new stuff. It really fills in so much of the blank spaces in the Carter Dam and
  13. I imagine yeah this could work, you could push updating off for that little bit. Hopefully nothing happens. Good luck! I, meanwhile, am ready: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/853848337546453016/FFA0F4A6E379A7EF24BFEC2DBEF6C9B399F952BB/
  14. I watched that too, and the blind woman does say that people went kind of crazy. As to your experience with the theoretical: good for you. You must feel proud. As I said, much of this was a jest to find an easier way to kill rabbits by making them come to the player, as opposed to throwing a rock.
  15. To this I say again, I made this initially as a joke. While this game certainly looks and feels in some ways real, it Ain't. And that bush I assume has been beat for quite some time. The Geomagnetic storm to me is the big reason why, if at all, it might be. To the idea that we don't know if human behavior patterns were altered by the geomagnetic storm, I suppose I would just say....how many other people have you seen to ask that?