Why Isn't There Anything About The Flashlight Online?


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So, I just spawned into a world on ML at trapper's, and found a flashlight. I have no idea how to use it, since no one has posted about it yet, and whenever I try to switch it on, it tells me the battery's dead. Description of the item says nothing but "Banged up flashlight". They really need an official changelog for the Wintermute update. Can someone tell me if they've found it as well and know how to use it?

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (14).png

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It's only usable after you activate windows, microsoft will send you a cd key to input into the flashlight that allows use, except when they decide it's time to update it with added features like "strobe mode". Also all data of your flashlight usage will be returned to microsoft for careful analysis.

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@CosmicFlamingo One thing you quickly learn with updates, especially with early access games, is that not everything is revealed in the change log.  Some things get missed and forgotten, but then there are some things left out intentionally as a surprise to the players.

That's why we have the wiki and forum, though, to come to in order to find out about something you will discover but can't figure out.

Enjoy the surprises, and remember we fellow wastelanders got your back.


13 hours ago, RossBondReturns said:

It can only be used, and only works, on Aurora nights and is a powerful deterrent for the wolves.

Unfortunately the wolves are juiced up and travel in pairs often on Aurora nights.

It can send out a very powerful blast of light to protect you. You will learn with practice.

I can just imagine a player holding off a pack of wolves with a flashlight, asking them who the real boss is.

And then the aurorae just fades away, and shortly after that the flashlight dims and dies.

Cue curtain.

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