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  1. So I was in Milton harvesting saplings and once I got back to Grey Mother's house I put them down to cure. Upon inspecting them to check the time they would take to cure I realized the textures were just a bit off. A
  2. So, I just spawned into a world on ML at trapper's, and found a flashlight. I have no idea how to use it, since no one has posted about it yet, and whenever I try to switch it on, it tells me the battery's dead. Description of the item says nothing but "Banged up flashlight". They really need an official changelog for the Wintermute update. Can someone tell me if they've found it as well and know how to use it?
  3. I know that everyone is in love with and pumped for Wintermute, but quite a few are more interested in the sandbox changes, such as myself. Can anyone compile a list of all the changes made to survival mode from the August 1st launch, or link an official changelog from Hinterland? I'm not talking about every single detail of the maps, but more about the mechanics and items. It would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Well, yeah, what the title says. I can't wait for Wintermute!
  5. I got this game a month ago, so I'm relatively new, but I absolutely love it. As of yet, I put 53 hours into this game, and hope to play it much more. I've been watching the community from my little corner for around two weeks now, and I am ready to introduce myself. I love survival games and being part of friendly communities. I hope to get along with you all. Long live The Long Dark! And story mode, which comes out in a day! Cheers!