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23 minutes ago, LucidFugue said:

Good pick up... If it's not listed in the config it might not exist yet. The crafting option used to be buried under the journal as part of the new UI so it wasn't initially given its own hotkey. 

That's what I assumed. Did hardly find the crafting menu as it was new to me. 

Do you by any chance know if the only way to curing oneself (first aid) is via the radial menu? It used to be possible from the status menu. However not anymore. 

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You can also apply medicines directly from the inventory. For example, when you have a bandage selected in your inventory, you can choose "apply". 

Important! First Aid no longer responds only to the effective treatment. It is possible to waste medical supplies by applying the wrong treatment to the wrong affliction. So if, after a wolf struggle, you have a blood loss affliction, an infection risk affliction, and a sprain affliction, you need a bandage for the blood loss, antiseptic/old man's beard for the infection, and painkillers/rose hip tea for the sprain. 

When using treatments, if you select the wrong affliction, you'll use the medical supplies but receive notice that the treatment was ineffective.  

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