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I would love to see a two player split screen so I can play with my kids! Maybe spawn each of us in a different place (in the same region). And we have to survive while trying to find each other. Once we find each other we c an continue to work together. I love this game by the way! It's amazing and the price wasn't too bad either!!! Keep the updates coming!!! 

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This is a very popular and regularly recurring idea. The main problem with it is that the game engine would require a huge adjustment to it to make the game even run that way at a minimum quality.

Another large problem is the idea of time. One of the most common activities required in the game is to go to sleep or cook or craft or any timed activity which skips time. This would not be possible in multiplayer and would mean you'd have to sit and wait for activities which can take several hours to pass. In game's such as Minecraft having all players perform the same task but in this game the diversity of possibilities is far too great.

Another more ethical problem with it is that the game is supposed to be a "thoughtful" and "explorative" game. Introducing multiplayer would take the quiet out of our very special apocalypse when you end up arguing with your friends about who's fault it is you're now dead.

Can you imagine the game's social background if the majority of it's gamer feed content was people doing comedical lets plays of the game.

Can see the reason people want it but I think it is definitely a bad idea.

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