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  1. That's maybe what the upvotes are for? hmmmm?
  2. I have suggested this too, nice that people search up the things they might want to add to see if they already are suggested
  3. Before the roadmap was removed there was a revolver planned
  4. But don't a small fire with little fuel output less heat than a larger fire with more burning fuel?
  5. I think the heat source temperature should affect water melting times so 1C fire takes a 300C fire will melt snow much faster
  6. I like the new cooking system but I would like to propose a few improvements like adding a cooked % on meat so that if you cook meat for 1 hour and the fire went out and you needed 1 hour and 10 mins for it to get cooked you would get a piece of meat cooked 90% instead of a 100% raw piece of meat and this would increase the calories with the cooked % 0 (raw) to 100% (cooked) from xxx calories to xxx (0% to 100% extra calories gained from cooking) and same goes for food poisoning but with a +XX% chance of food poisoning no matter the cooked% while below 100%. So meat cooked 99% will still have a chance of at least XX% to give you food poisoning. I would also like to see the need of flipping the meat halfway through because cooking only one side is really weird. New cooking options would be nice too like boiling meat instead of frying it (add new food? rice or pasta?) Maybe add chocolate drink mix which can some calories and reduces fatigue a little
  7. Reahs

    New feat

    The external stimulus is you having less than 10% condition and you have to be Bleeding, freezing, frostbitten(recently), starving, dehydrated, broken ribs, or just lost a lot of condition recently from other things than bear attacks (more than 70% in a short time period) and it's really long cooldown of at least 20 days (prob more like 30) will make it feel like a one time use because many won't survive longer than 50 ish days. The effects I agree on is stamina boost, some kind of healing 8-10% range (5% is just nothing because if you are hurt you will just survive for 20 secs more with 5% healing), you will get full fatigue if you survive so just like the emg stim, removes the effects of being lightly over encumbered (under 40Kg), you will also get the brighter vision and heartbeat going but this would have to sound different from the emg stim and lastly it would be nice to hear the character say something like I WILL make it!/ I WILL not DIE!/ I have to make it!/ I won't give in to mother nature!/ I...I will keep on fighting for as long as I can!/ I have to keep on going!. these are a few examples and some are meh and some are okay but they are only examples. I don't really like that you would need to have a good amount of calories stored for this to work and that you would need to be close to a known shelter but the effect might have a greater chance of triggering if you are closer to a known shelter or a shelter you can see but we can balance this out.
  8. Reahs

    New feat

    I think it would be nice with a new feat called: "Will to survive" What it does is when your condition is very low (8<)this feat will activate doing pretty much the same thing as an emg stim and it should boost stamina and temporarily disable negative effects and heals you a bit either 5-20% (RNG) or just always 10/15 or 20% depending on what is best to balance it out. it can only be activated every 25 days (or more) and to unlock it you have to spend xx hours while below 10% hp or use a certain amount of emg stims. Please tell me what you think and any suggestions on changes and how to unlock this feat are very much appreciated!
  9. A good procedural generating code can make great maps too if done right
  10. If you put a leaf in water and add something that gets attracted by the poles like metals (a part of a metal clip could be used) one side will face north and the other south. you can look this up on the internet and it should be quite easy to find
  11. I really miss the feeling of not knowing where you are and where to go like you felt when you started playing the game and I think that feeling is really important because you have chose where to go depending on the signs the environment gives you like a road, road signs or even some signs of human activity in the distance. Knowing the map kinda ruins the TLD experience because you have crashed in THE WILDERNESS where you have never been before. Knowing the map more forces you to take quite linear paths like you spawn in Mystery Lake, you loot the camp office then the fishing huts and then you might live there till the food starts getting low. That's when you decide to either move to trappers homestead or to the dam and after those you move on to the next area and loot the same buildings in the same place every time and that's quite boring. Now don't get me wrong the maps are great and I like the game it's just that I really like the feeling when in an area you've never been before and have to make the decisions on do you go the left or to the right? or do you follow this road or the other road and I think you know that feeling. I hope we get more maps with the new technique at the same level (or even better) at a faster rate because I love when they release a new area that I can explore and experience that feeling but sadly it does not last longer than max 10 visits and after that you are quite familiar with the area and you know most places in that area.
  12. I think it would be nice to do some timing thing or something like that because right now fishing= start fishing, look at something else for 2 sec, pick up the fish you got and repeat. Would be nice if fishing was more engaging instead of just sitting there and picking up the fish you catch automatically. would be nice too if they could add a fishing rod or real fishing line (maybe together with (idk the name if it in English) that metal line you can have at the end that fish can't really bite of) that could be rare as the rifle or rarer
  13. it could just be a one-time use thing where you stab the wolf and the knife either drops instantly or it could just drop near the wolf after X-X seconds as if it got kinda stuck in the wolf but "fell out" the wound. so now to use this mod you might have to use rope or maybe duct tape every time you use it just to kinda balance it out(could have a miss and hit %)(could add duct tape for this and prob a lot of other things)