Is it possible to continue with a save instead of restarting for episode 2?


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Absolutely loving the game, I've just finished episode 1 with about 7 hours of work into my save and I can't seem to find a way to continue on to episode 2 without starting a new game? Is this an intended feature? Or am I experiencing a bug? 

Its just really disappointing knowing I'm almost completely set with really good gear at the end of episode 1 , but I can't use it since I have to essentially restart after starting a new game to play episode 2. 

If any body has answers please let me know.

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22 hours ago, Morbanth said:

After you're thrown into the menu when you complete episode 1, you need to select Wintermute and hit resume, not select Episode 2, as that starts a new game.

I've tried this numerous times. It just puts me back to my initial save point when I enter the cave. 

I walk though the cave a second time, hit the cut scene with the bear, and get out back to the main menu. 

It's stuck in a loop, unable to move forward to episode 2 unless you start new, which I refuse to do. 

XboxOne version. 

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