Is there a change log and/or patch notes for the Wintermute update?


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1 hour ago, Thrasador said:

Is there a list of changes I can read somewhere?

Can you continue with Will in the Sandbox after finishing the Story episodes?

Can someone please list any changes to the sandbox, loot, new areas to explore, game mechanic changes?

Depends whether or not he dies at the end of Episode 5

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10 hours ago, JAFO said:

Hinterland have always been lackadaisical at best with their change logs.. why should we expect any better now?

@Mel Guillegot back to me in another thread relating to this in News and Updates. This is the official response:

Good morning everyone. Right now our community team is pretty swamped, so please forgive us if we are not able to respond to messages as quickly as normal.

@Thrasador a summary about the full release are on our To-Do list, however it might be a while before we can get to them. In the mean time, you are welcome to discuss the changes with other players or even create your own list, if you are so inclined.

It's a very busy and exciting time! Thank you everyone for your patience while we work to support and maintain our rapidly growing community. We ask that you continue to do your best to keep your discussion posts friendly and on-topic.

Since the original poster's question has been addressed and the discussion has gotten off track, this thread will now be locked. However everyone is welcome to continue asking questions and sharing feedback in other threads.

@JAFO That being said, developers typically release patch notes/change logs at the same time as the patch/update, not days(?), weeks(?), months(?) later. This is the first time in my 32 years of gaming a developer suggested we talk amongst ourselves and develop our own change log without knowing what all the changes are.

If they mail me a list of the changes I will publish the list for them, though....

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While get that it's frustrating not to have immediate access to the kind of information you're accustomed to, I'd appreciate it if everyone could please keep comments about the team respectful and free of negative personal comments, just as you would members of the forum.

Comments like these are not helpful to the discussion and I'm fairly confident that if you were aware of exactly how hard the Hinterland team has worked and continues to work on the The Long Dark and this release in particular, you wouldn't use terms like "lazy" or "lackadaisical" to describe them. In the last month there have been extremely long hours and very few days off.

As mentioned in @Thrasador's other thread about this topic, a summary of this release is on our To Do list. Our community team is currently swamped at the moment so it may take us some time to get it. Thank you everyone for your patience during this busy and exciting time!

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