Challenge : Nomad - Forestry Lookout


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I am curently trying to accomplish the challenge nomad and now i have to stay three days in the forestry lookout in Mystery Lake.

But in my game, the lookout is destroyed. I guess it's a relatively new update which make randomly appear the lookout intact or destroyed because I had not seen it before.

I stayed some time in the place to see if the counter worked but it seems it dosen't.

Is my game damn ? Is it an oversight of the developers ?

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19 hours ago, Ysidro said:

If you are in that spot on a clear day try looking around. You'll see a new radio tower, that's where you will find a new lookout too.

Or you can just go close to the derailment, you can see a rather high hill to its right, and on top of it is a new forestry lookout. It is really hard to miss, it has been moved to a dead center of the map and is the highest point on the whole Mystery lake, so you shouldn't have a problem finding it. If you still do, I noticed it is fairly easy to see it from the bridge by the Hydro dam as well.

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Ok, I see it now. thanks. First time, it was night and it was snowing so i didn't seen it.

Sorry for the useless topic, but thank you two for the answer. I realy believed my game was shot.


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