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  1. An option to restart the quest or savepoints/checkpoints in a quest would indeed be helpful, especially on the bear quest. It can bug in multiple ways (mine is stuck against a wall after the 4th encounter) and you basically have no choice except for redoing the whole second chapter.
  2. If you are in that spot on a clear day try looking around. You'll see a new radio tower, that's where you will find a new lookout too.
  3. Noticed I had not a single Sandbox game with storage in ML, so as I do want to see what's new when it's released I've made a Stalker game for it (and of course cleared Camp Office, the Cabins and the dam), and will also make an Interloper game (if I get lucky on starting point at least)
  4. Seeing the lack of buildings in the current maps a huge port wouldn't make much sense. A mediocre town/port would be ok, with a small airfield for example. However, it wouldn't make sense to have tons of resources on such an island where you'll not have a lot of predators. Having you take a dingy and just row to it would also not work, as that would mean there's also no way for predators to get there in the first place. Could make it so it only freezes over when it's very cold, for example several weeks into the game in interloper. Put some sharp rocks you have to climb down to the ice (to go to the island), on which you 'tear open your clothes and soak them with blood'. The first time you return to the rocks afterwards a rock will have fallen from the top allowing for a path up, However, due to that mishap the first time predators will follow you down the rocks and head for the island, meaning you aren't safe there either. And with less/no rabbits and deer there you'll be their main food source. Or maybe some seals on the beaches on the far end of the island? Or, to explain predators heading that way (and allowing a normal path), they could have a butcher on the island which got struck by lightning. The building burned down, and the heat defrosted the meat that was still in the freezers. There's broken beams lying across most of the remains, which means you can only get a small amount of meat from it, but the unreachable part still attracts predators. This would probably be a lot of work though, and not sure how it would work out.
  5. When you walk past long grass or reeds outside and you look for cattails... I've actually done that
  6. What I'd like to see is, once your firemaking skill hits 3 (and you no longer need kindling) that the use of kindling when starting a fire actually speeds it up. That way you don't need to carry as much kindling anymore, but it doesn't become totally useless either. Different kinds of kindling could then give a different boost, or all the same.
  7. Throw away from the direction you want to go in, and move away the moment the wolf starts moving. Try practicing while sitting on a rock up high, so the wolf/bear can't reach you. And one of the things I would definately recommend if you want to camp at the gas station is to, the first time you clear out the space around it, start tons of fires. The last thing you want the moment you hear barking or growling is to then have to find a spot to start a fire in, if you have a whole bunch of burned out campfires near the place you can simply click one and immediately start a new fire there.
  8. I thought that any newbie that doesn't start on Pilgrim might need some tips on Wolves though
  9. Tip for newbies: Wolves don't like fire. But if they're pissed off they will charge even if you carry a torch or throw one to them. Make a fire on the ground instead when countered or suspecting trouble..If you want to harvest a corpse that is also the way to keep warm, keep the corpse from freezing, and to keep the wolves away. Stones can be used not only to stun rabbits, but also to scare rabbits or deer and have them run to a specific area, as well as to distract wolves or bears. Last but not least: Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they can't hear, smell or see you. Listen well, bears tend to be quite noisy so you should be able to spot them in advance. Wolves can sneak up on you, but you can sometimes hear them walking through the snow. If you hear something and you aren't hunted yet: Stop and listen. If you are not moving and you still hear movement it's time to determine the next action. Also, if you hear a wolf howling in the distance stop and listen. Usually most of the wolves nearby will answer, which means you then know how many there are and approximately where they are.
  10. Congratulations! I need to stop putting in long pauzes, each time I got close to 200 days I stopped for half a year or so and then found out the savefile was no longer valid when I'd return.
  11. The shrooms already claim to be edible. So how about making it possible to bake them instead of cooking them?
  12. In case of the cars you can already look outside. However, what I would like to see for those is the ability to look backwards. When you flee into a car to hide from a wolf or bear it would be nice to actually be able to look where it goes rather than to hope that it has left after a while.
  13. Have it play Jingle Bells when you are getting mauled by a bear
  14. Having moved everything to 2 buildings a small distance apart I made a fire to cook some meat right in front of one of the buildings. I accidently moved forward a bit and stepped into the fire. No harm done though, finished cooking, ate something, and got food poisoning. Went inside to get some stuff against it, noticed those were still in the other building, so went outside again. And stepped right into the fire that was immediately in front of the door. I didn't make it to the other building in time
  15. Walking down a slippery hill or mountain means having to place your feet carefully. If you slip your ankle may twist, and that can cause the strained ankle. No need to fall for that. Not sure what circumstances give the highest chance of it happening, but you can also strain your wrist on steep slopes (as you have to use your hands to balance yourself). Nothing like carefully moving down a slope with a gun only to strain your wrist and not being able to use the gun anymore just when you see a wolf