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Name´s Martin, feel free to call me by my name, or Mroz, or Mroz4k, whatever strikes your fancy! I am 22 years old and am currently a student of economic faculty on a certain University in the Czech Republic.

Been on the sidelines of these forums since early alpha, pretty much ever since I started playing this game, which was introduced to me through some YouTuber I watched in the back of the day, I believe it was EatMyDiction

Anyways, this game has quickly become my top favorite game because it contains everything I ever hoped for a survival game. Also am a big fan of Hinterland, the only indie studio which never disappointed me in their attitude towards their fans and game, I have been let down by a lot of others.


The only reason I haven't joined these forums before was because I used to be heavily involved in Forums for a different game, Town of Salem, which was created around the time Long Dark was - and I just didn't have time to invest into two forums. But, considering that game has been letting me down for years and recently, the community in there had become very unwelcoming, decided to leave and this was my first stop afterward.

I plan to join in on the game suggestions, being an outdoor enthusiast who has been collecting various survival wisdom for last 10 years, I plan to share a lot of these along with some of mine (albeit somewhat limited) experience in hopes it will help shape the game a bit better. I also like to fool around so I will probably join in on the general discussions a little bit, too.

Sorry in advance if I get a bit talkative, or if I become annoying, I am also very forthcoming which is something people sometimes have an issue with. But overall, I think I am rather chilled person, and if you have an issue with me, don't be afraid to tell it to me straight first, thanks.




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