rabbit stew

sierra 117

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I want to make rabbit stew in game:D.

would like to see some more complex/bonus meals that can be made. Like making a stew out of rabbit meat, rosehips and mushrooms.

might not taste great but its all we have in game atm to work with.

would be good if other food items are added maybe. But working with what we have you could make rosehip,mushroom and rabbit/deer/wolf /bear stew with some kind of bonus.

like better rest(rabbit) / quick stamina recharge for 2hrs(deer),any one got some more suggestions /ideas how this could be done/ what kind of bonus effects can you think of?

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I really don't know how this would be implemented. I feel like any sort of stew would have to be made and consumed immediately, with zero portability. I also think that this would require you to carry around a saucepan or similar. Plus any sort of stew is going to need starchy things to bring it over the line from meat-water to stew. Perhaps a good use for cattail stalks. Or even cattail roots, which are starchy and really should be cooked before eating to get maximum benefit.

To be honest my first thoughts were: "do we really need or want to include advanced recipes in TLD? Doesn't seem like something that really fits with the aesthetic. Especially with extra bonuses added to it." But after thinking on it stew would probably become one of your go-to meals in a similar real life situation and be worth lugging a saucepan around for.

In the end what I'm left with is the opinion that while stew might be nice in an immersion sense, I don't think it would be worth the time it would cost the developers to implement the saucepan mechanics and develop balanced advanced cooking recipes at this time.

However that is just one man's opinion.

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18 hours ago, Fitz said:

I also think that this would require you to carry around a saucepan or similar.

Just to upset the apple-cart a little.. what makes you think you're not already carrying a saucepan around?

If you're sure you're not, (because it's not listed in your inventory) then just what are you using to melt snow and boil water in? <evil grin>

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