Snow Blindness


Snow Blindness Affliction  

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Related to birch bark eye goggles.

A real affliction that strikes on sunny days in the North on the snow.

It would only strike after an hour or two on a bright sunny day if you are in a snowy location like out on the ice.

It takes overnight to cure; vision is obscured until then however your sense of hearing becomes more acute to compensate. It's a dangerous time because you won't notice the wolves only a few hundred meters away.


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I think we really need snow blindness in the game cause it will enrich game experience. Due to the game mechanics the player will get a decent choice - either get a cabin fever for staying inside or the snow blindness for staying outside (including caves, fishing huts and so on).

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Would really love to see this implemented. Also, the "goggles" would need to be craftable out of more items, I can think of wooden ones worn by Innuites, or a cloth piece quickly cut out in a hurry.
Additionally, the quickest way to decrease the effect of that snow reflection is to smear charcoal around the eyes and over eyelids, to decrease the reflection from the skin around the eyes - doesn't help a lot, but gives another use to the charcoal piece we have freshly in game.


Could also totally see "sunglasses" or "ski goggles" can be found throughout the game which would help decrease this issue, would be worn in the "accessories" slot.

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8 hours ago, ThunderHawk2387 said:

@Mroz4k I think the sunglasses could be found near plane wreckage. Will MacKenzie is a pilot after all. Ray-Ban Aviators anyone?

I was planning to build me some quality birch bark Aviators, but I think I'd settle down for a set of Ray-Bans. 

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