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  1. Start a new game on Interloper. I mean you if all you need is a challenge - you surely get one.
  2. - What also floats in water? - Bread - Apples - Very small rocks - Cider - Cherries - Gravy - Mud - Churches - Lead (c) Monty Python So if rocks, churches and lead can float in water i see no reason why a prybar can't.
  3. Better stay outside while cooking. Any fire used outside of building is still twice as fuel efficient as fire inside the building.
  4. Can confirm. Yesterday I was harvesting a wolf carcass near a fire and cooking meet. There came a bear and tore me to teeny-weeny pieces completely ignoring that big nice warm fire i was sitting next to.
  5. Because that's how it works in real life too. To Build a Fire by Jack London
  6. Building a snow shelter (no cloth needed indeed). No fire, no bearskin coat, up to -30 oC at night. Russian language.
  7. Don't know the laws of Canada, but in my country the fire safety inspector would f*ck the owner inside out for such a twist.
  8. And there must be a portal system between them.
  9. There is a house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy And God I know I'm one Have you ever wondered where the chimney of the pot belly stove on the first floor of the Camp office on Mystery Lake goes?
  10. or "lemme have my benefits from skill progression". When my character reached level 3 in cooking i was sure i don't have to carry can opener any more. Apparently i was wrong. Whenever i want to treat myself with something like peaches or dainty dog food i hear a suspicions sound of a knife being blunted on a can. And i am afraid that is not my russian paranoia - every time i open a can my precious hand made knife losses 3% of it's condition. So how am i supposed to get benefits of proclaimed feature "No calorie loss when smashing open cans."? Am i to drop every metal instrument in my inventory every time i get hungry or going to cook something by the fire? By the way there is a similar problem when harvesting maple and birch trees. I do not want use a hatchet by default for this purpose. I have a hacksaw. I love my hacksaw cause it is easily repaired and do not require rare whetstones to get back condition. I want to use my hacksaw to harvest maple and birch by default or at least get an option to do so.
  11. Do Not Fight Wolves With Bare Hands. Evade, keep torch ready, start fires until you find at least prybar to scare wolf away. But even the usage of a prybar will leave you about 30% of health after the encounter. Go craft yourself a knife then have your revenge.
  12. I am playing interloper and once had intestinal parasites threat developed into full scale parasites affliction after just sleeping overnight.
  13. It hasn't changed. But there's a workaround: drop ruined food on the ground, pick it up, hit space bar. Voila - you can eat completely ruined food.