changes to struggles and other suggestions. (just take a quick look please)


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I think we should be able to pick up branches to either split them up inside your base/home where it's warm or if you don't have a knife or ax it could be used as some kind of weapon that's better than nothing at all.

Avalanches could be a thing near edges with a lot of snow and I do not mean huge avalanches but small with lumps of snow that can hurt you if you get one on you, kinda like when snow falls off your roof in the spring or late winter.

Long sticks/long sticks with long cloth strips on them: these would be placeable objects you could place along roads or paths where it's really hard to see the road/path when in a blizzard so if you get caught in a blizzard you could just follow the sticks if you have any placed along the path. (maybe) These could have a 5%? chance of falling after a blizzard so you have to maintain the paths where you have these sticks.

When you get jumped by a let's say a wolf when the struggle is over why do we stab the wolf in its body so it has to suffer, why don't we stab it in the neck so it dies quickly and so we don't get jumped by it again. This might be too op because if that would be implemented everyone would just take off all clothes and let the wolf attack you so I think that the hp system needs a change.

The Hp change

Give us more hp and change so that wounds are not fixed just by applying a bandage and eating some painkillers but wounds to becomes one of the long term problems like all other problems in TLD.

So let's say you got bitten quite badly in your right arm by a wolf before you stabbed it in it's neck so the first thing you do is ofc clean it and apply bandage but the bleeding has to stop so depending on the grade of the wound you might have to change bandage several times to avoid infections. So the bleeding has stoped and you have changed your bandage one time so far and this is where the healing part starts. You might not be able to do thing as good now because your "main" arm is badly hurt so things takes longer time  to do and has a greater chance of failure and if you use your arm a lot while its healing the healing will slow down. So it's time to sleep and sleep is the best thing you can do for your wounded arm and for any other wound you have because it's during sleep the body repairs itself but to get the most out of your sleep you have to be full(food) you have to drink so you are full in water and that's when you will heal the most and healing can take several days up to two weeks compared to max 2 days of right now to get from 10% to 100%(from almost dead to freaking super man in 2 days).

This text is not perfect but I hope you get the ideas here and please come with your own suggestions on how to improve these or if they should be added at all.




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How exactly small lumps of snow are supposed to hurt me ?

Trail markers. 5% chance of falling AFTER blizzard ? This idea is as absurd as current idiotic system of campfires or plain (unmovable)tinder trails. And how do you propose to place them on ice ? A lot of people are against compass, supposedly gamebreaking(not really), yet i periodically see completely absurd ideas like this one.

You do not stab wolf in the neck because youre 2 busy fighting for your life, instead of contemplating where to stab it. You just stab it wherever you can, as you cant see shit and wolf is also constantly moving. On top of that you are scared shitless, cant think straight and in a great deal of pain. Only thought in your head is "SURVIVE!", not measuring wolf speed, size, fur density or that he is missing one fang.

Yes, to prolonged effects from negative conditions, no to more hp. We already have far more than enough. In fact, condition management is a joke at this point, as recovering from the brink of death takes just one good night sleep, which is absurd. And at the same time we have crap like parasites, that require a lot of attention with no real point and are generally absurd as properly cooked meat will be completely safe as far as variables go(there is a tiny chance to catch something always, but same then should go for water, or even just wandering around in the world, or, unsurprisingly, venison, that IS the source of parasites in predators).

Pls, dont go into details about treatment, as you obviously have no idea how bleeding and wound management works. If you were do something like that in real life you have good chance of killing a person.

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