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Been watching a BBC documentary series entitled "Life Below Zero," it's about living North of the arctic circle, pretty interesting from a hunter/gatherer survivalist perspective.  The daily challenges of surviving in cold climates, the need for high calories foods and the constant vigilance for changes in weather really demonstrate the hardships nature can dish out.  

The series is currently airing on Netflix, every time I watch an episode, makes me wanna play TLD and send that one guy a toothbrush... 

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I am enjoying the series so far, the danger element seems subsided considering the presence of a film crew, but the subsistence living portrayed via the hunter/gatherer lifestyle does reflect the hardships of living off the land.  Of the four homesteads portrayed, I am liking the Eskimo family. Chip's the guy needing the toothbrush...  He seems very genuine.

I am also impressed with the lone guy... very articulate for a guy living 62 miles north of the Arctic circle.  His respect for nature and the circle of life seem very admirable.

Hope you have had a chance to find the show and watch a couple of episodes, @Mel Guille and @Carbon very entertaining so far!

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