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Just a hello to everyone,

Mugger may seem a strange kind of nickname to use but I have used it for a very long time in all sorts of games and as I tell anyone that asks “Tis but a name – not a job description”

I am what you may call a mature games player (maybe not in attitude but certainly in ageJ),

Have been playing online games since Ultima Online came out (although I stay in Scotland I played on the US servers - that was all there was at the time (and it cost a fortune for dial up),

Have played standalone computer games ever since the Commodore 64 (yep I go back that far),

Found The Long Dark on GOG and although when I first tried it I was not too impressed (did not know what I was doing or how the game controls actually work and surprise, surprise kept dying),

But eventually I got to know how things fell in together and have now started to play it regularly and am enjoying it,

That’s about all for now

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