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  1. Mugger

    Weak Ice

    (Just in case) the point being made is = Man weighs 200lb and falls through thin ice, Bear weighs 450lb that is over twice what the man weighs yet bear does not fall through thin ice,
  2. Patch 1.19 now live on GOG
  3. @cekivi @Patrick Carlson @admin Any chance someone can please confirm that the GOG version will receive this update as well?
  4. @cekivi If someone would tell us what the issue actually is then maybe we would be a little more understanding, But to just ignore us altogether is not fun, Only official reply in this thread in about 5 weeks is to welcome someone else onto the forum (who also seems to be wanting answers to the same question we have been asking), PS @paralipsis Welcome
  5. As you say – lacklustre when dealing with problems, But unfortunately it's absolutely atrocious when it comes to GOG
  6. December update for GOG will be in March That's if it ever gets the update
  7. The Long Dark hotfixed to v1.15 (32683) on STEAM, Dated September 17th PS4 now updated to v1.15 (32681), Dated September th20 V1.15 has been released on Xbox One Dated September 28th It is now October 20th and still nothing for the GOG version, All we get is “Thank you for your patience and understanding” Blah Blah Blah, Sorry but I no longer have any patience or understanding when it comes to Hinterland, It seems to me you treat the people that bought the game from GOG with (at the very least) indiverance, If you no longer wish to keep the GOG version updated at the very least you could tell us, That at least would be more honest,
  8. In the long run yes, The deer quest can be done without the rifle – just skin any dead deer you find or chase deer into wolves then scare away the wolves, But you will need it for the old bear
  9. I have this quest and have been trying to complete is for ages, Camped outside the hatch for about 7-8 days and nothing, Decided to go and complete bear hunt and come back to it, Have now been camped outside the hatch now for about 6-7 days – still no Aurora, I do not know if you need to do something specific to trigger one or if it is totally random, But if it is random then surely there should be a max time limit you have to wait
  10. Not 100% positive, But I think it was GM that teaches bunny mittens (after you achieve a certain % of trust), Jeremiah teaches Deer skin pants and boots, But it has been a while so as I said not 100% sure
  11. Personally I would think the delay is on Hinterlands side, As was mentioned earlier the game was on GoG web site within 24 hours of receiving it from Hinterland, Also the 1.05 update is on GoG therefore I can see no reason why if GoG had the 1.06 or 1.07 update it should not be on the web site, Course I could be completely wrong
  12. Patch 7 Patch 6 is still not up on GoG yet But thanks for the reply - appreciated
  13. @Patrick Carlson or @Mel Guille Any chance we can at least be told if GoG have the updates ? If we know that they have them then we can at least get on to them to get them added Thanks