Ice Hole

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How does a snare that looks like this,



crafted from something that looks like this,



Even after harvesting a ruined snare the result is reclaimed wood and should instead be an unset snare just needing new cured gut and shorter crafting time.


Why does the snare image seem like natural stick type wood but utilizes reclaimed wood? 

I can understand there is need for game balance but the crafted snare image needs to be updated to reflect that it is composed of reclaimed wood. 

Or craft snares using sticks.

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For sure it's a choice we're making about which kinds of resources will yield which pieces of gear -- in this case the availability of reclaimed wood might play a role in when and where you are able to craft some snares for yourself. 

Your point about a ruined snare is an interesting one -- it could be that a more subtle reclamation of that item might be a compelling change. (like the shorter crafting time for a partially broken snare for instance). Thanks for the suggestion. ;)


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