Items duplicating in inventory


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I'm having an awkward problem. My items (mostly clothing) seem to be duplicating sometimes when I enter/leave buildings. I didn't have this happening anytime before, am currently at Coastal Highway if it matters.

I suddently got overcumbered by getting one or two items, so I decided to take a look into my invenory, this is what I found:


I've just died in this last interloper game, so I started another game on Voyager (again at Coastal Highway, but by random spawn now) and this is happening again. My medical items got duplicated, my wood logs and some of the food. The game even gave me some salty crackers which I didn't have.
This is my gear, pratically at fresh spawn (just after I visited one building). I didn't have any of the unequipped clothing gear: GameClip-Original.mp4

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